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Support12018-10-20 13:35:34.422Z
How to troubleshoot a failing export?

Whilst there are the beginnings of a Troubleshooting section on https://docs.wp2static.com/en/troubleshooting/, this post will help to quickly list the steps, in some order of time/cost to troubleshoot issues with your export or deployment.

SupportWTSB182019-12-31 07:11:17.361Z
v7 - Use the WP-CLI to clear the cache from the command line

Version : 7 We use the wp cli to create various language sites. This works very well however we need to do two actions in the admin interface : Cleare the crawl cache ("Delete Crawl Cache") and delete the Generated static site ("Delete Files"). Can a...

SupportAJ12020-04-09 21:30:02.411Z
character encoding errors

I have random encoding or character errors in the exported site. The bottom pic is the original site while the top pic of the exported site shows the encoding/character error. This was using the current version of Wp2Static from the wordpress site. (...

SupportM12020-04-07 04:47:45.825Z
Failed during "Purging BunnyCDN cache

This is my first deploy to BunnyCDN and the connection test returned as succesful. I've already purged the cache in BunnyCDN dashboard and tried the deploy again but that also didn't work. The full error message is below: "Failed during "Purging Bunn...

SupportR32020-04-04 23:14:10.235Z
Having issues setting up Wp2Static.

Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

SupportD12020-04-04 22:17:20.606Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi, I am getting this error: Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance. How can I make it work, any troubleshooting guide? Thanks

SupportMT2JM2162020-04-04 20:22:24.376Z
Stuck on "crawling initial file list" with Local by Flywheel site

Any tricks I need to know to generate a static site from a Local by Flywheel site? I’ve got my local site running, I select the Manual / .zip deployment option, enter destination URL of http://mysite.com (where the local version is http://mysite.loca...

SupportTR82020-03-31 19:31:21.705Z
wpcli commands don't allow setting empty value

The wpcli integration allows us to set individual options, but doesn't allow setting them to falsey values. For example, setting baseHREFto an empty string or any of the boolean options to zero results in an error of "Missing required argument: <valu...

Ideas / Feature RequestsE12020-03-24 23:10:12.913Z
v7: Cache sometimes not being updated

I'm having an issue where sometimes a change on a page doesn't make it to the wp2static export. In this case, switching out an image in an image block. Instead, I find an old version of the page in the export with the old image. Clearing the wp2stati...

SupportS32020-03-23 14:42:57.527Z
Explain icons...
v7: Make it easier to start the job queue

Using v7 alpha 002, I'm having trouble getting the job queue to start. I have set the cron interval to 1 minute, but no matter how often I refresh, all jobs will just remain in the "waiting" stage. Going to wp-cron.php sometimes works, but not reliab...

Ideas / Feature RequestsS42020-03-20 13:46:04.918Z
v7: WPML translations not included

One if the things that v7 doesn't do, which v6 was able to do out of the box, was to crawl translated pages from WPML. They are now completely missing in the export. I was able to write a function that gives WP2Static these additional URLs, but I thi...

Ideas / Feature RequestsS12020-03-20 13:36:35.674Z
v7: Restore "Exclude" and "Rewrite Links" options

Hi, in v6 we had these options to finetune the export, any plans to add these back into v7? Exclude certain URLs Rewrite Links in source code Rename Exported Directories

Ideas / Feature RequestsS12020-03-20 13:31:57.064Z
Static site shows sidebar after page content (closing tag for </main> moved?)

So I've got a static site that refreshes itself automatically. All is great, other than the fact that for posts, the widget sidebar is placed after the main content, so it all looks a bit broken. I've managed to track this down to the HTML between th...

SupportG32020-03-13 17:13:39.496Z
css minify

My Theme has a minified CSS, if it is processed by WP2Static it is no longer minified. Example: html{height:100%}body{margin:0;padding:0;font-family:Geneva,sans-serif,Tahoma;text-shadow:0 1px 1px rgba(255,255,255,.33);height:100%}a{color:#000}#showli...

SupportFM22020-03-13 16:05:48.025Z
Missing css and images - Page made with Elementor

Hi there, I found that this plugin is AMAZING, the only problem is that it doesn't export some css and image in my case. I have no clue about the reason. It's a test with a page made with elementor, attached you will find more data. Working version E...

SupportTM22020-03-11 22:36:14.339Z
Local export success, exporting to S3 fails

Whenever I try to export to S3, it fails with the below error: Failed during "Deploying files to S3", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance. However, the permissions in S3 is correctly set, and the upload test is always successful. ...

SupportED22020-03-11 06:15:24.669Z
Fair Go Price

As a strictly amateur self-taught programmer I volunteered to write a web site for the charity Pass It On Guatemala (https://passitonguatemala.org). Unfortunately in doing so I stupidly commited to an expensive hosting provider and a few licensed plu...

SupportJ12020-03-11 04:01:56.774Z
Video files not being crawled

I have created a page with a video block, resulting in an <video> tag linked to a .mp4 file. This video was uploaded through WordPress and shows up in the media library. The video file is missing in the wp2static output. The .mp4 file does not show u...

SupportS22020-03-11 03:42:39.891Z
Elementor site missing fontawesome & burger menu icons

First of all thank you for this awesome plugin. I'm having 1 minor issue. Some of the icons used on the site (social media icons) are not showing after making the site static. The dropdown menu on mobile (burger) is also not showing. Is there a way I...

SupportM3M322020-02-25 08:59:39.928Z
Failed during "Deploying files to BunnyCDN", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi, I have already deployed two other sites on BunnyCDN. But this particular site has 158+ posts and too many media files. It partially uploads the static-files on BunnyCDN and then fails after sometimes. I have tried reducing the upload batch size, ...

SupportA2A232020-02-22 16:13:06.354Z
charset - utf ...

hallo, i have a problem with the german characters. after crawling my site looks like that: but should look like that: but if i look in the "index.html" there is the right utf charset, i think: ..... html lang="de-DE"...head><meta charset="UTF-8".......

SupportWHS2BG172020-02-16 21:12:00.915Z
WP2Static Not Pulling Styling Through

I've been trying to use WP2Static to create a static site, which it does but without styling see https://konigdigital.com/dev/ I'. using Elementor Pro and tried with zip and S3 export, same result, please help

SupportT12020-02-15 16:05:50.408Z
Pagination Pages Missing

I have 41 blog posts, all of the individual posts come through but on the blog page I only have the first two pages. blog blog/page/2 pages 3 4 and 5 are missing. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

SupportDN22020-02-15 15:49:43.164Z
Status site with JetPack/WordAds

I have a couple of sites that are now running really well as static sites, update every hour and are served via CloudFront (for https). I was looking to add advertising into at least one of them, so am trying out JetPack with WordAds. However, given ...

SupportG02020-02-06 11:00:15.820Z
Non-profit Rate Unlimited License

Leon: I am a board member of a local Los Angeles non-profit: https://ourlacma.org/mission-statement/ We are going to expand our scope and outreach in the digital world and need a good JAMSTACK solution for our current site, and some new sites we plan...

SupportS202020-02-05 17:27:38.027Z
2 index.htm files in one directory

Hi It looks like wp2static version 6.6.7 makes 2 index.html files in same directory when doing .zip export (did not try others). This happens probably because in wordpress a website destination has 2 permanent links. I changed name of permanent addre...

SupportJ02020-01-31 18:23:00.523Z
cloudflare wrangler dist directory suggestion

Hi I tried upload to Cloudflare using wrangler and it worked, but had to find and solve a problem first with a directory which contained "dist" in its name. Wrangler has by default "dist" in .gitignore file, which makes him ignore all directories con...

SupportJ02020-01-31 18:13:27.823Z
not working with strato

Hi there, i moved the wordpress instance from own server to strato webspace (www.strato.de) and tried to generate a static version there, however, the crawling stops at one time: ... ... ... Adding discovered URL: /wp-content/uploads/cache/fvm/158030...

SupportM02020-01-30 14:55:41.348Z
how to protect email adresses?

hi there, not sure its a feature request... i use "Email adress encoder" to hide email adresses from spammers. https://www.radosfinanz.de => https://encoder.till.im/scanner?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.radosfinanz.de When exporting the mail adresses are vis...

SupportM12020-01-29 14:13:33.661Z
wp2static exports first 2 blog pages only

Hi Leon, thank you for creating such a great plugin! It's exactly what I was looking for. After my self-hosted Wordpress account was hacked, I've changed my strategy and will now develop/write my blog locally and export the static pages to my online ...

SupportSN142020-01-19 23:58:04.455Z
Exporting as zip = 404, no zip file in wp uploads

I'm a new user, so I may be missing something obvious. I'm running this on a staging (dev) server, trying to generate a zip file, and I'm specifying the live site URL as my destination URL. The server doesn't have any particular restrictions or limit...

SupportM232020-01-14 19:19:09.865Z
A Question about implementation

How would I go about providing a static site to non logged users only? For example, if I publish my static site to www.mystaticsite.com how can I enable users to login and then use the 'real' Wordpress site at iamloggedin.mystatic.site.com? And if so...

SupportAR12020-01-08 15:43:39.441Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi there, new to this plugin. I've tried using it on 2 different sites, one on a dedicated VPS and one on a dedicated server. In both cases I've had various failures including this error when I attempt to do a zip deployment. PHP 7.3.13, lots of PHP ...

SupportI02020-01-02 22:34:35.925Z
Error when using Autoptimize plugin

Hello, We are trying to use the Autoptimize Plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/autoptimize/). It helps to eliminate render-blocking sources for better Page Speed Scores. When we compile the static site it comes back with a lot of PLACEHOLDER.wpsho...

SupportFF52020-01-02 14:22:20.188Z
Escaped characters are broken in CSS

Hello, In my CSS code we had escaped characters with theirs codes: .icon-facebook-squared:before{content:'\f308'} .icon-linkedin-squared:before{content:'\f30c'} But after processing CSS files with WP2Static plugin they were converted to the unicode a...

SupportT02020-01-01 23:38:25.900Z
Are we able to try out the WP2Static plugin?

Are we able to try out the WP2Static plugin without requesting for a refund within 14 days after paying for it?

SupportB02019-12-31 06:45:38.344Z
Why don't I see the ending html on pages URL?

I like to create a site where every page should have the ending html. And all pages should be in my domainname.com/ url. example:www.mysite.com/absolute-adjectives.html How do I achieve this?

SupportN02019-12-26 12:59:57.263Z
Request for a "Fair Go" price

Hi @leonstafford / @leonwp2static! My name is Majal and I'm from the Philippines. I didn't have a computer course but I'm interested in coding and love the idea of open source. I've been looking into free web hosting for hobby, community, and project...

UncategorizedM02019-12-24 00:43:07.121Z
WP2Static not export stories my web site

Hello, WP2Static not export stories (Wordpress offical AMP addon) my web site. Can you help me? Good days.

SupportBF22019-12-23 14:10:51.617Z
Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)

Hi, thanks for this wonderful plugin. I successfully hosted one of my wordpress sites on S3. However it was a small site with 10-20 posts. Now I am repeating the procedure for a old and large site with around 10,000 posts, and after installing the pl...

SupportP02019-12-22 14:14:12.194Z