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Support12018-10-20 13:35:34.422Z
How to troubleshoot a failing export?

Whilst there are the beginnings of a Troubleshooting section on https://docs.wp2static.com/en/troubleshooting/, this post will help to quickly list the steps, in some order of time/cost to troubleshoot issues with your export or deployment.

SupportWTSB182019-12-31 07:11:17.361Z
charset - utf ...

hallo, i have a problem with the german characters. after crawling my site looks like that: but should look like that: but if i look in the "index.html" there is the right utf charset, i think: ..... html lang="de-DE"...head><meta charset="UTF-8".......

SupportWHS2BG172020-02-16 21:12:00.915Z
WP2Static Not Pulling Styling Through

I've been trying to use WP2Static to create a static site, which it does but without styling see https://konigdigital.com/dev/ I'. using Elementor Pro and tried with zip and S3 export, same result, please help

SupportT12020-02-15 16:05:50.408Z
Pagination Pages Missing

I have 41 blog posts, all of the individual posts come through but on the blog page I only have the first two pages. blog blog/page/2 pages 3 4 and 5 are missing. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

SupportDN22020-02-15 15:49:43.164Z
Status site with JetPack/WordAds

I have a couple of sites that are now running really well as static sites, update every hour and are served via CloudFront (for https). I was looking to add advertising into at least one of them, so am trying out JetPack with WordAds. However, given ...

SupportG02020-02-06 11:00:15.820Z
Non-profit Rate Unlimited License

Leon: I am a board member of a local Los Angeles non-profit: https://ourlacma.org/mission-statement/ We are going to expand our scope and outreach in the digital world and need a good JAMSTACK solution for our current site, and some new sites we plan...

SupportS02020-02-05 17:27:38.027Z
2 index.htm files in one directory

Hi It looks like wp2static version 6.6.7 makes 2 index.html files in same directory when doing .zip export (did not try others). This happens probably because in wordpress a website destination has 2 permanent links. I changed name of permanent addre...

SupportJ02020-01-31 18:23:00.523Z
cloudflare wrangler dist directory suggestion

Hi I tried upload to Cloudflare using wrangler and it worked, but had to find and solve a problem first with a directory which contained "dist" in its name. Wrangler has by default "dist" in .gitignore file, which makes him ignore all directories con...

SupportJ02020-01-31 18:13:27.823Z
not working with strato

Hi there, i moved the wordpress instance from own server to strato webspace (www.strato.de) and tried to generate a static version there, however, the crawling stops at one time: ... ... ... Adding discovered URL: /wp-content/uploads/cache/fvm/158030...

SupportM02020-01-30 14:55:41.348Z
Explain icons...
how to protect email adresses?

hi there, not sure its a feature request... i use "Email adress encoder" to hide email adresses from spammers. https://www.radosfinanz.de => https://encoder.till.im/scanner?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.radosfinanz.de When exporting the mail adresses are vis...

SupportM12020-01-29 14:13:33.661Z
wp2static exports first 2 blog pages only

Hi Leon, thank you for creating such a great plugin! It's exactly what I was looking for. After my self-hosted Wordpress account was hacked, I've changed my strategy and will now develop/write my blog locally and export the static pages to my online ...

SupportSN142020-01-19 23:58:04.455Z
Exporting as zip = 404, no zip file in wp uploads

I'm a new user, so I may be missing something obvious. I'm running this on a staging (dev) server, trying to generate a zip file, and I'm specifying the live site URL as my destination URL. The server doesn't have any particular restrictions or limit...

SupportM32020-01-14 19:19:09.865Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi, I am getting this error: Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance. How can I make it work, any troubleshooting guide? Thanks

SupportMJT2152020-01-12 03:39:02.273Z
A Question about implementation

How would I go about providing a static site to non logged users only? For example, if I publish my static site to www.mystaticsite.com how can I enable users to login and then use the 'real' Wordpress site at iamloggedin.mystatic.site.com? And if so...

SupportAR12020-01-08 15:43:39.441Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi there, new to this plugin. I've tried using it on 2 different sites, one on a dedicated VPS and one on a dedicated server. In both cases I've had various failures including this error when I attempt to do a zip deployment. PHP 7.3.13, lots of PHP ...

SupportI02020-01-02 22:34:35.925Z
Error when using Autoptimize plugin

Hello, We are trying to use the Autoptimize Plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/autoptimize/). It helps to eliminate render-blocking sources for better Page Speed Scores. When we compile the static site it comes back with a lot of PLACEHOLDER.wpsho...

SupportFF52020-01-02 14:22:20.188Z
Escaped characters are broken in CSS

Hello, In my CSS code we had escaped characters with theirs codes: .icon-facebook-squared:before{content:'\f308'} .icon-linkedin-squared:before{content:'\f30c'} But after processing CSS files with WP2Static plugin they were converted to the unicode a...

SupportT02020-01-01 23:38:25.900Z
Are we able to try out the WP2Static plugin?

Are we able to try out the WP2Static plugin without requesting for a refund within 14 days after paying for it?

SupportB02019-12-31 06:45:38.344Z
Why don't I see the ending html on pages URL?

I like to create a site where every page should have the ending html. And all pages should be in my domainname.com/ url. example:www.mysite.com/absolute-adjectives.html How do I achieve this?

SupportN02019-12-26 12:59:57.263Z
Request for a "Fair Go" price

Hi @leonstafford / @leonwp2static! My name is Majal and I'm from the Philippines. I didn't have a computer course but I'm interested in coding and love the idea of open source. I've been looking into free web hosting for hobby, community, and project...

UncategorizedM02019-12-24 00:43:07.121Z
WP2Static not export stories my web site

Hello, WP2Static not export stories (Wordpress offical AMP addon) my web site. Can you help me? Good days.

SupportBF22019-12-23 14:10:51.617Z
Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)

Hi, thanks for this wonderful plugin. I successfully hosted one of my wordpress sites on S3. However it was a small site with 10-20 posts. Now I am repeating the procedure for a old and large site with around 10,000 posts, and after installing the pl...

SupportP02019-12-22 14:14:12.194Z
Any chance of a more recent V7 build?

We're not having a lot of success with the v6 build. Is there any chance you can post a more recent build of v7 for us. I tried building using the instructions but they appear to be max/linux focused.

SupportD02019-12-17 16:54:11.472Z
Destination URL blank introduces href='http://example.com...'

I'm trying to export a WP site to static content with relative URLs that I can first publish into a staging area before copying it to production. Hence I'm leaving "Destination URL" empty to purely get relative URLs for all content. Most of the conte...

SupportSL82019-12-13 17:45:41.586Z
WP2Static Destination URL issue

The WP2Static plugin says "Please ensure your GitHub repo is specified as User_OR_ORG_NAME/REPO_NAME". I have tried every version of https://org_name/repo_name.github.io, but none of them work. This is the last step before I can get the plugin to sta...

SupportL02019-12-13 05:03:54.977Z
Missing css and images - Page made with Elementor

Hi there, I found that this plugin is AMAZING, the only problem is that it doesn't export some css and image in my case. I have no clue about the reason. It's a test with a page made with elementor, attached you will find more data. Working version E...

SupportT12019-12-12 16:27:12.406Z
Urls in CSS not being rewritten

I'm having issues with fonts that are being included by URL in CSS of a theme (cssigniter carbone). Here is the code in question: @font-face { font-family: 'FontAwesome'; src: url('../fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot?v=4.7.0'); src: url('../fonts/fontaw...

SupportCM2K32019-12-07 15:15:45.480Z
Monthly Archives Not Generating Pages

Hi, thanks for this useful plugin! I'm encountering a problem with monthly and yearly archives not generating pages, however. These are URLs that in the Wordpress instance end in dates (such as "/2016/04/") and suspect that is why an index page isn't...

SupportS202019-12-03 01:01:53.936Z
Include directory recursively

I'm using WebP Express to generate .webp versions of uploads (stored in wp-content/webp-express/webp-images/...) The wp2static crawler doesn't seem to find them. I tried to use the "Include additional URLs" option, but it seems to only work for singl...

SupportS212019-12-02 12:04:09.256Z
export subset of website, with MP3s

I use WordPress on a bunch of sites, but now I'm doing something (completely) different. I'm making a site to create and display walking tours, and display directions from one stop to the next. Things are working as desired for creating and viewing w...

SupportG02019-11-30 02:13:38.529Z
Rewriting all trailing slash links to include /index.html

I'm hosting my static WP site in an S3 bucket with a CloudFront distribution. I currently have to use a semi-expensive Lambda@Edge function to redirect requests to links to posts and pages within my blog that end in a '/' to force '/index.html' inste...

SupportDD62019-11-28 18:12:51.266Z
htpasswd in htaccess on centos not allowing static download

I tried making a static ZIP archive from a centos 7 box where the subdomain had an htpasswd assigned to the doamin. It would not work at all. This was the error received: [Tue Nov 26 16:35:38.075972 2019] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 1174:tid 139931284358...

SupportF32019-11-27 13:02:44.730Z
Can I Export My Podcast RSS feed?

Hi, I'm looking into using WP2Static but before I can make the leap I need to know if I can create static RSS feeds. I have a wordpress website with a podcast feed created using the Blubrry PowerPress plugin, it creates a static RSS feed. Can I use W...

SupportSM22019-11-27 03:16:37.469Z
Querystring cachebusting being stripped for all resources.

We just tried to go live with a new version of our site and it was a dogs breakfast. When I investigated it seems that the ?v=123.456 cachebusting querystring values are being stripped from all wordpress/elementor resources completely breaking everyt...

SupportDD82019-11-26 18:34:46.097Z
Export zip & then run at same URL: possible?

I want to export as a zip and eventually run the static code at the same URL as the current site, though on a different server. Is this possible? (The instructions say "Do not set this to the same URL as the WordPress site you're currently using".)

SupportM12019-11-18 06:10:50.090Z
New Changes are not updating in my static site

Hi sir! First time when i generated the static site with WP2Static plugin, every thing worked fine. But when i made some changes in my site and try to create static site again, new changes are not showing, rather it is giving me the old site again an...

SupportMM62019-11-17 11:05:49.365Z
Export full uploads folder

I'm trying to export my website selecting the "Homepage Only" detection level and everything is fine. But, what I need now is to export the website with the full uploads folder, with all the images, that the homepage uses or not. Is it possible to so...

SupportR32019-11-15 03:08:36.125Z
How to use with a Docker compose setup?

With a Docker compose file like below, how should I setup my export options? version: '3.3' services: db: image: mysql:5.7 volumes: - db_data:/var/lib/mysql restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: somew...

SupportRC2G262019-11-15 03:04:49.667Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list"

Hi,I'm trying to export wordpress to static but somehow i got " Failed during "Crawling initial file list" error. What things i tried : Update PHP version to 7.2.24 -not work change port to 443 - not work change port to 80 - managed to complete initi...

SupportR12019-11-14 13:55:26.196Z
GitHub pro version

Purchased the pro GitHub add-on yesterday and have a couple of questions. I was previously using the free version of the plugin with the GitHub option selected. I don't see a difference between the free version and the pro, and I'm wondering if I hav...

SupportS202019-11-08 14:57:47.196Z