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Every export starts over from beginning?

By Guy Kaufman @gkaufman2019-06-12 09:39:02.311Z

Hello, I'm exploring and trying WP2Static for the last few days and today got a yearly subscription. Thank you Leon for your good work and I hope your plugin will be a good solution for us.

What we are trying to achieve, is a state of which our content is served statically from S3 to the users (in future we might put some CDN in front so that only few requests will actually hit the server, in order to lower expanses).
With that said, our content editors shall still be working on a WP Staging site to input all their work, and hopefully there will be an automatic process which will then export these articles to a static page and deploy them to the S3 bucket.

Our site is currently around 50GB in size and has a lot of files and directories. The export process takes more than 2 days for us. By now we couldn't manage to finish it even once, But the main issue is that every time I fire the export, it starts all over with crawling the entire thing (which takes MANY hours)
and it deletes everything it formerly converted, instead of just taking off from where it last stopped.

So first, currently a big part of the site is already on S3, and yet it takes forever to finish the initial export.
And second, I'm not sure what's gonna happen after the initial export ends. Will every time an editor will update a new article, the entire site has to be exported from scratch? I Hope not because that would be impossible...
Last - What would be the smartest way to automate the process and achieve our goal?

Once again thanks for your work and support.
Talk to you soon I guess,


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