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Can I Export My Podcast RSS feed?

By Iria @SgtIria2019-06-18 13:49:58.370Z


I'm looking into using WP2Static but before I can make the leap I need to know if I can create static RSS feeds.

I have a wordpress website with a podcast feed created using the Blubrry PowerPress plugin, it creates a static RSS feed.

Can I use WP2Static to crawl the RSS feed url endpoint and generate a static RSS XML file which I can serve statically? Thanks.

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    Joshua Mostafa @micapam2019-11-26 23:19:18.849Z

    I'm also using PowerPress, and I found that WP2Static wasn't picking up the feed for deployment, even though I had linked to it in one of my pages.

    It'd be great if this were to be fixed, however in the meantime I am doing this as a final manual step after deployment.

    I'm deploying my site to S3, so for me the command is similar to this:

    aws s3 cp podcast s3://{MY BUCKET NAME}/feed/podcast --acl public-read --content-type application/rss+xml

    The content type bit is important so that the file can be read properly.

    1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-11-27 03:16:37.469Z

      Thanks so much for sharing the workaround, @michelini!

      Though we'll get feeds sorted in a future version, this is exactly the way I love to see these forums work to help others!