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How to create a single static page from an existing multi page Wordpress site from a sub page (not the home page) to external URL?

By Hague Showell @hague2019-07-07 11:56:47.126Z

I would like to create a single static page from an existing Wordpress site (non home, non blog, product price page to be copied) for use as a static home page on an external URL (http server and URL).

I have six such old URLs and would like to take six different price pages from the existing Wordpress site to use similarly on the six URLs as landing pages. I could upload the files created via FTP to the old http sites.

As I'm new to WP2Static plugin would appreciate help.. a simple step procedure.
( I built my old websites using MSFrontpage98 back in the day and and recently built the new Wordpress am only really familiar with html and JS and not much on writing current code etc.)


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