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Static site for offline usage

By @priehl2019-09-11 17:21:19.001Z

I am trying to export a static version of my blog as an archive, or to retain online, inactive (free of Wordpress). After multiple tries with multiple browsers, I finally got it to work in the beta version. After 197 minutes, it allowed me to download the site with EVERY SINGLE LINK going back to the live site, including /author and /category, which are not part of the WP2static output.

Is there anywhere that explains how to accomplish this for a non-WP-specialist?

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  1. M
    Mike Michelini @michelini2019-09-12 02:15:20.247Z

    hi Priehl,

    thanks for your message here - we will have version 7 out very very soon - and for now to speed it up - go to advanced options and increase crawl increment to maximum - we put it at 1 to save your shared hosting

    here's a screenshot -

    Also - for documentation - we have a lot written up - here at

    If you prefer a more "non tech" writeup, I made one here -

    Leon, the man behind the code, will be replying here soon too. Working hard to get version 7 out which will solve this and a ton of other issues.


    1. P@priehl2019-09-12 15:05:18.312Z

      I guess I didn't mention I'm working with the v7 beta.

    2. In reply topriehl:
      Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-09-12 04:07:46.770Z

      Hi @priehl,

      Thanks for your continued attempts and enduring what I appreciate is a very frustrating experience.

      Every WordPress site has the ability to vary greatly from another one. It's the beauty of its flexibility, but also makes designing a plugin that can cover every case challenging!

      The user experience is not always easy, I agree that the current banner in misleads in that regard. We're working to make version 7 as simple as possible.

      For your particular case, if you'd like to work with our engineers and send a copy of your site, we can investigate this for you and find out why it's taking so long and why the rewriting is failing in places.

      To start the process, please email and we can advise how best to send us a copy of the site to start troubleshooting.