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All good except for standard body font

By Ian W Bowden @ibowden2019-10-03 16:35:36.552Z

Hey, Leon!
I just posted the latest version of as I've done a few times before - last time back in March - and everything is fine except for the standard body font. It's Merriwether - a standard Google font - and despite seeing its mention in the source code of the website pages, it seems to be substituting Times Roman. Other fonts in the site, including Lato, seem to be fine.
If it's any help to you, all pages are built using Elementor. I did find a reference to a past problem with fonts and Elementor here on the forum, but it seems that was resolved with a newer version of your plugin which I presume is now the active one or one later. I'm using v6.6.6 of WP2Static.

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    Ian W Bowden @ibowden2019-10-07 17:13:39.097Z

    Without a response from you, I had no other choice but to experiment further and try to fix this problem that was uglifying my lovely web pages with an old-fashioned font! Going through the same process a couple more times using the same fonts yielded the same result, leaving me no other choice but to change the standard body font to Arial/Helvetica - which worked its way into the posted static site. It's not how I want it to look, but at least it looks better than it did.
    Anomalies like this, Leon, are what keep folks wholly accepting and using static websites all of the time - including me.