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Larger images randomly get skipped

By Joe @mrverdantgreen2019-10-11 23:15:53.629Z

I'm attempting to export a site that is primarily a collection of photo galleries. As such, there are usually 6 different sizes of each photo, from full-sized down to very small, created by WP. Every time I run an export, some of the full-sized images get skipped, but it's different photos that are skipped on different exports.

I've checked and the missing images ARE in the crawl list, but they do NOT exist under the staging directory "wp-content/uploads/wp-static-html-output-123456789", so wp2static is finding the photos but they are not making it into the folder that gets uploaded. If I run the export again incrementally (without deleting the deploy cache), it will catch a few of the missing images and export them, but not all of them. It took four runs of the export to get all but 1 file exported, but no amount of exporting seems to catch that last file.

I've got all settings, including Crawl Increment and Deployment Batch Size set to the defaults (I played with setting these to different values but the export still skipped full-sized image files). The skipped files are generally in the 2-3mB size range, but there are larger files that get successfully exported.

I'm happy to help try to debug this. I've got several image-based sites I'd like to export, so I'd love to get this figured out.

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  1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-21 17:14:33.200Z

    Hi Joe,

    Trying to increase your PHP configuration might work for you. Like max_execution_time, upload_max_filesize. See if that helps.