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Only the "Hello World" post is being exported

By Matt @burton2019-10-15 23:37:51.201Z

I'm attempting to export a newly created site to static using wp2static. I plan to build this site on top of Elementor's Canvas theme (ie, absolutely no theme, just a blank page). At the moment, the site has a total of one post (the default "Hello World" post) and three published pages. The crawl preview includes the three pages, but the finished product (exported to a locally hosted zip file) includes only the Hello World post (which it treats like the home page). If I change the home page in Settings > Reading to one of the three published pages, wp2static exports an index.html file that displays a blank page styled in the manner of the default theme in Appearance > Themes, rather than the completely different content that is at the real home page.

If I add the page's URL to the exporter's include list, it still does not get exported.

Any idea what's going on here?

wp2static v6.6.6
WP v5.2.4
Elementor v2.5.2

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  1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-16 16:28:31.506Z

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your question. May I know your Detection level settings (under the Crawling tab)?

    Also could you try Delete deploy cache? Just making sure everything is clean so we can see if this is really a problem.

    This might be a crawling problem, we will try to fix it on V7.