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Site generated with no styling!

By Cheeze Burger @cheeze2019-10-21 13:05:33.825Z

I tried exporting my site but when I check the site everything was not as expected.

I'm hosting locally and using OceanWP theme + elementor.

Help pls!

Here's a screenshot with twenty seventeen theme. It is the same for my OceanWP theme.

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  1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-21 17:06:10.055Z

    Hi there,

    Have you set your Detection level to As much as possible?

    1. CCheeze Burger @cheeze2019-10-22 02:33:18.249Z

      Yes, I've tried this and Homepage only. Still having the same issue.

      I noticed that this is only happening on my laptop. There wasn't an issue when I was trying it on my friend's computer.

      Does the plugin need to have any prerequisites?

      1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-28 02:13:37.236Z

        Is CSS only broken on your workplaces? Could you please provide me with your site's URL?

        1. CCheeze Burger @cheeze2019-10-29 02:14:32.394Z

          It only happens on my computer. I'm running Wordpress locally. Not sure how to fix..

    2. C
      In reply tocheeze:
      Cheeze Burger @cheeze2019-10-23 04:51:48.492Z

      bump. still not able to fix it

      1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-29 09:14:22.056Z

        Could you please send me your full Export log to, I'll diagnose this problem ASAP

      2. C
        In reply tocheeze:
        Cheeze Burger @cheeze2019-10-29 16:08:27.616Z2019-10-29 16:16:10.349Z

        I'd sent the whole static export to but the file was denied. Export log says "Requested log file not found"