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Wp2Static not work

By seoonday @seoonday2019-10-29 04:29:39.867Z

After install plugin, i had settings then click to "Start static site export".
I saw: Process completed in 2:45 (mins:ss)
And all logs all created.
But, i check Cookie-Free-Domain not fixed on
How to fix ?
Is there any Video guide details ?

Solved in post #2, click to view
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  1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-29 05:06:09.828Z

    Hi there,

    WP2Static will only copy your site into static version. If your original site is at and export it to (Subdir on current server), then static version of your site will be available at You need to set the Destination URL to be what you want the site to be served on.

    My suggestion now is try setting the Destination URL to (same as your Target dir) and see WP2Static in action. When you are happy with it. You can export it to your prefered static web hosting :)

    It seems that your site is using Cloudflare? Note that the cookie is from the Cloudflare service, you can turn-off Cloudflare proxy to disable this cookie, but it will expose your origin server.

    1. Sseoonday @seoonday2019-10-29 07:56:59.368Z

      Tks, i'll try to set as your suggestion. Set "Destination URL" to
      Then, i click to "Start static site export"
      After finish, WP2Static still not work: Because, i check, free-cookie-domain still not work.
      Final, i mean how to fix Free-Cookie-Domain error on

      1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-29 08:36:55.031Z

        Could you try turning off the Cloudflare proxy (Orange cloud to Gray cloud) and see if it helps?

        1. Sseoonday @seoonday2019-10-29 08:46:34.430Z

          yes, it's help, fixed
          but, CDN error. How to fix ?

          1. Frans Allen @frans2019-10-29 08:59:44.202Z

            Would you please be more specific about CDN error? Is this related to the plugin? Although you could contact your CDN provider to get a support

            And sure, we have video, hope this helps