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Link shortener/cloaking

By @ricky2019-11-02 18:35:11.599Z

How would you do this?
Using a plugin like pretty links.. doesn't work.

Has anyone experience with this?
Local mamp install + wp2static


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  1. Frans Allen @frans2019-11-03 06:40:19.550Z

    Hi Ricky, do you want to do URL redirections? Static sites don't support it by default, you need to add custom rules to your webserver or _redirects file if you use Netlify.

    1. R@ricky2019-11-03 08:40:02.377Z

      Thank you for the fast reply!
      Yes for netlify.
      I'm new to netlify.
      Made a _redirects file in the root. And it works.

      Is there a way to automate adding this file to the root of the wp2static ?

      Appreciate the support!

      1. Frans Allen @frans2019-11-03 09:16:06.617Z

        Hi Ricky, if you use Netlify as a deployment, you can use the dashboard to add rules, please see image below:

        I believe it isn't an efficient way to do all link shorteners on static sites. Only good if you want to redirect the old page to a new page.

        For automation maybe you should go with a tool like YOURLS, or read this post from Netlify that might help with what you are looking for.