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Export full uploads folder

By Rhamses @rhamses2019-11-12 22:46:18.808Z

I'm trying to export my website selecting the "Homepage Only" detection level and everything is fine. But, what I need now is to export the website with the full uploads folder, with all the images, that the homepage uses or not. Is it possible to something like that?


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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-11-14 06:33:35.518Z

    Hi @rhamses, is it just that the full site export takes too long otherwise?

    You could try to exclude the other paths within the settings.

    More granular control is coming in next version, no firm deadline as of yet, though, sorry!

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      Rhamses @rhamses2019-11-14 17:18:52.740Z

      Hi @leonstafford. Actually, everything is fine, I love the plugin!
      My use case though is that I'm using the WP as a content repository for some external APIs. But the WP server is not accessible through the internet. I´m using a api gateway to do the communication between the servers.

      For regular content this is fine, but with images I´d need to replace its path, changing to the public server address where the plugin is set to deploy, if it was possible.

      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-11-15 03:08:36.125Zreplies torhamses:

        OK, this may be best to wait until next testable builds of version 7, where we're adding action/filter hooks all over the place - both to drive our own add-ons, but also to allow anyone to extend the core plugin functionality at any point (detect/crawl/process/deploy).

        It may be possible to modify the version 6 plugin to add a hook where you need one to get you over the line now, but v6 codebase is quite inelegant and can be a pain to work with...

        Once there's a hook in the right place, you can then tap into it with a custom function within your theme or in a simple drop-in plugin.

        I'm doing WP-CLI-first development this time, to ensure we can run everything from the command line well. This should be fairly easy to open up to some WP API commands, too...

        1. R@rhamses closed this topic 2019-11-18 15:10:59.154Z.