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Failed during "Crawling initial file list"

By Rizky Putra @rizky.putra2019-11-14 08:17:56.226Z

Hi,I'm trying to export wordpress to static but somehow i got " Failed during "Crawling initial file list" error.
What things i tried :
Update PHP version to 7.2.24 -not work
change port to 443 - not work
change port to 80 - managed to complete initial page crawl but error in processing
exclude all page except 1 page - not work
disable other plugin

I managed to export without error in my local machine with same exported wordpress data,but cant make it work in my server

I'm using Alicloud server

any ideas now to make it work?
thank you

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-11-14 13:55:26.196Z

    Hi @rizky.putra,

    Thanks for trying it out. I haven't used AliCloud myself yet, but from what you've mentioned, it may be to do with the http vs https in WordPress > Settings > Site URL.

    The crawler uses these values when crawling, so needs to be able to resolve the site address correctly. It can also affect the rewriting engine if those differ (what the site is actually hosted on vs the address it uses to crawl).

    There would hopefully be some errors logged within the plugin (enable Debug Mode from Advanced menu, run again, then download Debug Log). Else, on the server's PHP or webserver error logs.

    Hope that helps!