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New Changes are not updating in my static site

By muhammad alwazan @malwazan2019-11-17 08:37:52.782Z

Hi sir! First time when i generated the static site with WP2Static plugin, every thing worked fine. But when i made some changes in my site and try to create static site again, new changes are not showing, rather it is giving me the old site again and again. Mainly CSS is not updating. Please help me, its been the 3rd day that i am stuck. I deleted the whole plugin Cache manually and reinstalled the plugin but no change. The deployment time is always less than 3 minutes.

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  1. M
    muhammad alwazan @malwazan2019-11-17 09:05:53.325Z

    i have attached 2 images, both from my 2 different websites. In both website, i updated the CSS. On 1st website CSS is completely absent and on other website css is not updating. I think the problem is caused after the recent update. Please help me ASAP.

    1. Frans Allen @frans2019-11-17 10:32:39.874Z

      Hi @malwazan, many thanks for your report. Did you enable any cache plugin?

      1. Mmuhammad alwazan @malwazan2019-11-17 10:34:06.769Z

        No Sir. I didn't have installed any cache plugin

        1. Mmuhammad alwazan @malwazan2019-11-17 10:38:26.891Z

          I have total 3 static websites. I worked on other 2 like a month before and that time everything was working fine. Today i made changes in those websites CSS also and when i updated them, they also have the same problem. CSS not updating , only content is updating. I am using Astra theme and Elementor plugin.

          1. In reply tomalwazan:
            Frans Allen @frans2019-11-17 10:47:52.969Z

            Please call me Frans :)

            Hmm.. Should work. Are you sure you didn't run any cache mechanism?

            Ok, have you tried checking it through another browser, see if CSS is still stored in the main browser cache.

            Otherwise, could you please share me your Export log (Enable Debug Mode under Advanced options first)? If you feel it's private, please send it to

            1. Mmuhammad alwazan @malwazan2019-11-17 11:05:49.365Z

              Wooww I just got the solution and i'll try to explain it now.
              As i am working on localhost, so after creating static files i only upload them to my domain. So the thing I did to solve the CSS problem was to delete my whole website from the domain and then i cleared the cache of my browser. After that i generated new static files and uploaded them to the domain. Now CSS is good and steady.
              I think plugin was checking the files on my domain for some changes instead of files on my localhost although i am working locally.
              So if anyone face this problem again i would say to:

              1. backup and clear the old static files from domain directory first.
              2. clear the old static files from localhost.
              3. clear browser cache.
              4. static version of site also store in wp-contents/uploads. Delete it from there also.
              5. now generate the fresh static files with WP2Static and upload them to the domain and you will face no CSS problem.
                Thanks to the 'Frans Allen' for responding, you motivated my brain to start proper functionality after 2 days man.