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WP2Static not export stories my web site

By Bilişim Kurdu @bilisimkurdu2019-11-20 11:37:05.084Z


WP2Static not export stories (Wordpress offical AMP addon) my web site.
Can you help me?

Good days.

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  1. F
    @fillinthe2019-12-23 13:32:31.207Z

    I am having the same issue. i assume it is because the amphtml url is "" and I assume the plugin does not crawl variables like ?amp. Is there a way to add this?

    I am anxiously awaiting v7! ;)

    1. F
      In reply tobilisimkurdu:
      @fillinthe2019-12-23 14:10:51.617Z

      This plugin works much better with wp2static: