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export subset of website, with MP3s

By @Gene2019-11-30 02:13:38.529Z

I use WordPress on a bunch of sites, but now I'm doing something (completely) different. I'm making a site to create and display walking tours, and display directions from one stop to the next. Things are working as desired for creating and viewing walking tours when using the WordPress site directly.

Some of the walking tours have audio files (MP3) for one or more stops; in a few cases, the audio files can be quite large. (There is also the issue that cellular data or wifi isn't always available or reliable when further out from the city center, but that's secondary.)

So I want to a way to create a downloadable copy of a given tour (one WP post type), which links to generally 10 to 20 stops (another WP post type) which link to each other dynamically, and include the images and MP3 files.

I want to leave other links (e.g., to Google Maps for directions, or Wikipedia for more info) 'live', but have the basic tour cached for the user. Basically, save an HTML version of everything directly linked from a given URL (e.g., "tour/old-oakland/", which links to a bunch of posts like "stop/rattos/?tn=34", and include images and MP3s)

I tried WP2Static, and the problems I've encountered:

  • I don't see a way to export just a subset of the posts
  • the .zip copy I saved that had all the tours and stops didn't include the MP3 files (they're hosted on my server, so I don't think it's a follow-the-URL issue)
  • some of the links end up with offlinezip.wpsho in them instead of a local webpage,
    e.g., <a href="http://OFFLINEZIP.wpsho/stop/toward-bringing-nature-and-people-together/?tn=341">Start the tour ></a>

So, the questions:
(1) Is WP2Static the right tool for this job?
(2) If so, how do I track down and address the above issues?
(3) Is there a way for my PHP code to 'know' that it's generating for an offline version in WP2Static, and therefore choose to suppress some elements (e.g., a list of tags doesn't make sense in this case, but does if you're just looking at the tour.)


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