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Error when using Autoptimize plugin

By @fillinthe2019-12-07 15:00:17.810Z


We are trying to use the Autoptimize Plugin ( It helps to eliminate render-blocking sources for better Page Speed Scores. When we compile the static site it comes back with a lot of PLACEHOLDER.wpsho links for images, fonts, etc. We are manually replacing them now. Is there a plan to make this better in the future? Just checking.

Thank you!

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    @fillinthe2019-12-14 14:10:51.412Z

    I digress. It is a memory issue with my server. Loaded everything on my local machine and everything processes fine. I will need to up the memory on my server in order to get it to process huge sites.

    1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-12-14 23:02:50.703Z

      @fillinthe - thanks for posting follow-up and glad to hear it was able to be exported from a local server. From version 7, we should see better performance in general, but I'm also setting PHP's memory_limit on servers that support it that should help a lot on majority of web hosts.

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      In reply tofillinthe:
      @fillinthe2020-01-02 14:22:20.188Z

      autoptimize is terrible. Found another plugin that works better:

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        @fillinthe2019-12-10 15:24:36.736Z

        When I run the export I have to run this afterwards:
        grep -rl "PLACEHOLDER\.wpsho\/" | xargs sed -i 's=PLACEHOLDER\.wpsho\/=MYURL\.COM\/=g'

        Note I needed double quotes in the grep to get the forward slashes... then the "=" as the delimiter in the sed command. Fun times...

        1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-12-14 23:05:32.037Zreplies tofillinthe:

          Many thanks for posting this workaround, too.

          Autoptimize in general works well with WP2Static, but on a per-site basis, there are settings that will work better worse with certain themes/plugins' files when going static.

          We've done away with the whole placeholder URLs used during rewriting for version 7. It did help to isolate URLs that failed to be rewritten, but more focus on improving the rewriting engine was needed.