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Request for a "Fair Go" price

By Majal Mirasol @majal2019-12-24 00:43:07.121Z

Hi @leonstafford / @leonwp2static!

My name is Majal and I'm from the Philippines. I didn't have a computer course but I'm interested in coding and love the idea of open source. I've been looking into free web hosting for hobby, community, and project websites. While it is free to use Wordpress, free yet quality web hosting is hard to find. With your awesome plugin, we may be able to host WP-generated static pages on Github Pages or Netlify -- for free.

I currently spend my time as a volunteer and technically, I don't have receive a salary, only a small allowance. When I saw your plugin, I was wondering if I would qualify for a "Fair Go" price and how much it would cost.

Thank you for your kind consideration and all the best for your solid plugin!


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