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Pagination Pages Missing

By David @David2020-01-03 00:50:54.957Z

I have 41 blog posts, all of the individual posts come through but on the blog page I only have the first two pages. blog blog/page/2 pages 3 4 and 5 are missing. Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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    Vyvyan Basterd @neurobashing2020-01-19 23:56:56.883Z

    Same problem here. Urls of the form /index.php/page/N etc are missing from export. v6.6.7 on latest WP.

    1. In reply toDavid:
      Gulshan Kumar @TheGulshanKumar2020-02-15 15:49:43.164Z

      Hi David,

      I could fix the issue by manually adding those links.

      1. Go to Include additional URLs
      2. Include Additional URLs.