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A Question about implementation

By Tim @alinea2020-01-08 15:33:37.353Z

How would I go about providing a static site to non logged users only?

For example, if I publish my static site to how can I enable users to login and then use the 'real' Wordpress site at

And if someone who has logged in goes to the url on the static site, how would I detect that they have already logged in and redirect them to

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    Russell @rfair2020-01-08 15:43:39.441Z

    I haven't attempted to do that before, but I imagine that you would need some custom javascript to do that. When a user is logged in, there is a login cookie present. You could detect that and perform the redirection there. You would also need to be sure to link the login page to the non-static version of the site. Good luck.