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Firebase as a deployment option

By Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-10-20 15:54:03.463Z
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    Nathan Guenther @nathang212018-10-20 17:15:40.879Z

    Direct delpoyment to Firebase hosting (static) would be perfect.

    Although doing this with CI is just 2 lines of code, so deploying to Gitlab/Gitub is more flexible, Would say that should take priority.

    1. E
      In reply toleonstafford:
      Ed Munroe @EDM2018-10-21 11:41:40.670Z

      I have heard very good things about Firebase Hosting, and it's predecessor DivShot (acquired by Google and given the Firebase branding in 2014). It is often mentioned favorably in discussions of Netlify.