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Elementor site missing fontawesome & burger menu icons

By Mark @marktrader2020-02-21 13:52:24.523Z

First of all thank you for this awesome plugin.

I'm having 1 minor issue.
Some of the icons used on the site (social media icons) are not showing after making the site static.
The dropdown menu on mobile (burger) is also not showing.

Is there a way I can fix this?

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2020-02-22 01:27:42.618Z

    Hi Mark,

    A potential quick fix in this case will be to use Autoptimizer plugin. This should help gather assets like CSS/JS/Fonts, one or more of which are likely missing from the export in this case (can check your browser's console /network tab to confirm which ones.

    Should have some improvements for such cases coming in V7, such as a specific Elementor addon to help with the way they store certain assets (and converting Elementor Forms to work with a 3rd party form handler is also coming).

    Please let me know if that doesn't remedy things for you.



    1. M
      In reply tomarktrader:
      Mark @marktrader2020-02-25 08:59:39.928Z

      Hi Leon

      Thanks for this. I ended up hosting using Netlify.
      All font-awesome was working there so I guess the issue resolved itself.

      I'll be deploying another website soon and hosting on cPanel, where this issue initially showed up, if it does again I'll explore this workaround further and see if it works.

      Thanks again