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v7: WPML translations not included

By Stefan @stevygee2020-03-20 12:52:51.199Z

One if the things that v7 doesn't do, which v6 was able to do out of the box, was to crawl translated pages from WPML. They are now completely missing in the export. I was able to write a function that gives WP2Static these additional URLs, but I think support for WPML should be included in the base plugin, since WPML is so widespread and I wasn't expecting support to be dropped when I upgraded WP2Static.

Here is my solution, 'suppress_filters' => true is the critical part for this to work:

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2020-03-20 13:36:35.674Z

    Thanks for the gist @stevygee! Right WPML detection can come in it's own add-on, again, to keep core minimal, else it can quickly grow to all the possibilities that not everyone needs. ie, WPML is definitely widespread, but we should see things like Polylang taking more of its userbase in the future.

    In V6, we may have been detecting WPML URLs, but I think it may have even been in the way we discovered new links while crawling. I've removed that kind of discovery from v7, so WPML can have its own little add-on to properly pull all WPML URLs, with any extra options that may make sense, or as you can see, modifying the URL lists.

    There's a cpl of issues in the most recently updated V7 that's been up for a few days, I'll push another update soon (not rewriting properly, not detecting Category pages).