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Setting up from Test Deployment

By @seabird2018-10-26 08:33:46.363Z

Sorry if this has been asked before. I have done a Test Deployment and everything has worked fine. I have both my WP folder and the test folder mystaticsite on my host (ipage). Can I now move the mystaticsite folder to root (say) delete the WP folder (I have a clean copy on my local PC) and rename the mystaticsite folder to the domainname the WP site used to be?

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-10-29 01:42:35.976Z

    Hi @seabird, sorry for the very late response, was in a conference all weekend and missed the notification.

    You may have already tried it out, but what you suggested sounds like a fine way to shift to hosting statically.

    I'd just double-check you've got WordPress running fine locally.

    To test the waters, you may try just copying the index.html file from the mystaticsite folder into your current WordPress root. The index.html file usually overrides the index.php and it will serve that. This way, you can just remove the index.html file if there's any critical issue.

    Please let me know how you get on.



    1. S@seabird2018-11-21 09:36:41.824Z

      Sorry to be long-winded about this.

      You said to copy just the index.html from the mystaticsite folder to be safer but I could not find one in that folder but there was one in each page, post and theme folder etc created. I tried to copy and rename the whole mystaticsite folder but got into a muddle so currently I have removed it and restored my WP site.

      Is it correct to get an index.html file for each of the folders converted from WP to static html?

      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-11-30 06:34:06.290Z

        Hi @seabird,

        Sorry for my late reply!

        Please try the latest version here:

        And the Offline ZIP option may be the easiest for you to test out without worrying about moving files around. The "1-step deploy test" (first option), should also work well, where you can just just click the Green button after export to see how you static site appears.

        Please let me know if any issues encountered.