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Issue about using the plugin with virtue theme and altervista hosting

By erotavlas @erotavlas2018-11-23 18:31:42.950Z

I'm trying to use this plug in in order to obtain a static Web site and deploy it into gitlab.
I selected to obtain a zip file, but the process did not accomplish. It seems and error with virtue theme.

Thank you

Log file

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-11-30 06:29:44.811Z

    Hi @erotavlas, sorry for the late reply.

    In the upcoming version, GitLab support is included :)

    Please try installing the "PowerPack" version from here:

    And see if that works for you to get to GitLab.



    1. Eerotavlas @erotavlas2018-11-30 15:06:00.593Z

      thank you for your reply. I tried again, but the process gets stuck again with the same errors.
      Thank you

      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-12-03 13:31:48.202Z

        Hi @erotavlas - anything in your PHP error logs at the time of export failure?

        1. Eerotavlas @erotavlas2018-12-03 15:43:29.498Z

          No, unfortunately :(