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What doesn't work / isn't compatible out of the box when publishing from WP to a static site?

By Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-11-30 05:48:02.376Z

As someone new to the plugin, with an existing WordPress site, what should I be mindful of, like contact forms, eCommerce, etc that may not work without extra work?

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-11-30 05:54:47.833Z

    Here are the main things:

    • Contact forms: majority of WP sites have one. Easily solved with solutions detailed here:
    • Search: Similarily, some solutions for search on static wesbsites here:
    • eCommerce: WooCommerce relies heavily on your database. Snpicart is the preferred/recommended solution for a WordPress powered static site

    • Membership solutions

    I haven't explored many solutions yet, but anything that works with static sites/JAMstack sites, such as Netlify's Identity are worth looking into.

    • Comments: Disqus or other 3rd party solutions works. We use Talkyard for these forums, which also allow embedding on static sites.

    Got some other preferred solutions to these WordPress to static site challenges? Please add below and we can add to our extended documentation.

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      In reply toleonstafford:
      Ian W Bowden @ibowden2018-12-05 06:21:20.462Z

      You indicate in your talk that there are some WP plugins that will convert a Contact Form 7 to something that can be used in a static website. I can't find any of these plugins. Please direct me!

      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-12-05 06:46:54.893Z

        Sure thing:

        I haven't tried that one myself yet (tsk, tsk), but depending on how it works, I could add similar functionality as an option in WP2Static