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How to export a single page / landing page?

By Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-12-13 02:02:31.584Z

This is great for the use case of 1 WordPress installation and multiple landing pages, which you want to deploy to different domains.

Basic recipe:

  • create one parent page, with slug of say "parent"
  • create all your landing pages under this
  • when you're ready to deploy, go to WordPress Settings > General/Reading and set your Homepage to a static page (the landing page you want to deploy)
  • when you visit your WordPress homepage, this should now look like what you want to deploy
  • in the Crawling options tab of the plugin, add "parent" to your Excludes list
  • deploy the site

Just switch this setting before deploying each landing page.

Now, with the new WP-CLI integration, you can do the switch, export and deploy all from the command line or write a script to iterate through 100 landing pages and deploy them all to their own domains! Awesome!

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