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How to update from 5.8 Premium to 6.x?

By Stefan @stefanullinger2018-12-31 07:33:00.152Z


I had just bought the lifetime premium version of your plugin a couple of days ago (customer ID: 1585319) and installed version 5.8 of your plugin. Now that version 6.x is out, I wanted to update to the latest version, but inside of WordPress there is no update button. Also, it seems that I can not download the latest version via the Freemius dashboard.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-12-31 09:04:11.359Z

    Hi Stefan,

    I’ll post some instructions here later today. Of course your license remains valid for all future versions. I’m just moving away from Freemius in 6+, so a little extra step will be required the first time.

    Will update as soon as I’m back to the computer.


    1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2018-12-31 13:41:31.751Z

      Hi Stefan,

      Sorry for the delayed update. Now on a keyboard and can elaborate:

      Whilst Freemius was a great SDK to help convert free users to Pro, prevent cart abandonments and gather analytics, this is not my preferred style of doing things. I would rather depend on the product's merits and my own marketing efforts than to use such techniques and be responsible for 3rd parties getting your information.

      With 6+, we drop the Freemius SDK, the one responsible for auto-switching the free to Pro version previously.

      We also have a new, simple licensing server. I'll detail this more elsewhere, but basically, you do get a unique license code and download link, but there is no need to activate, opt-in or any other steps. The "PowerPack", which brings the Pro features to 6+ is available via your unique download link, so you'll initially need to manually upload it to your WordPress site to install. Then, as the core is shared with the regular version of the plugin, future core updates can be done via the WP dashboard, without you losing your powerpack.

      I'm emailing you your unique download link/license code for 6+ now and all Pro users will receive an email with instructions a little later.

      By releasing during the holiday season, I'm keen to keep an eye over the early upgraders and fix any encountered issues before doing a bulk email out.