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Automatically get a unique IP for every deployment

By Markus @Markus2019-01-07 18:35:10.663Z

Hey everyone,

Do you know a way of automatically getting a new, unique IP address for every website deployed using the auto-deployment feature?

I wonder if this is possible to setup using WP2Static combined with either BunnyCDN, Netlify, Amazon S3 + CloudFront, or some of the other options.

Thanks @leonstafford for WP2Static. It has helped me A LOT!

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-07 19:24:58.630Z

    Hi Markus,

    TL;DR: possible, but some extra scripting required

    Definitely possible with AWS. Not with CloudFront or S3, as by their distributed nature, you're going to be sharing a lot of different global IPs.

    With the WP-CLI integration, you could deploy to an EC2 instance, under the free tier, then provision a new Elastic IP for the instance.

    If you still wanted to use S3, you could just use your EC2 instance as a proxy.

    I'm just thinking out loud here.

    Other programmable VPS's out there could give you the same results, possible cheaper/better than an AWS solution.

    If you have a big job that a solution for this is worth throwing some money at, I'm happy to consult on it or you. I'm also happy to keep the thread going here and help with input as much as possible so you can get it working. It doesn't take much of my time and I'm happy to help people get the most out of the plugin.



    1. MMarkus @Markus2019-01-08 04:23:37.682Z

      Hi again @leonstafford,

      Thanks for your prompt and very detailed reply! It's great information.

      Really appreciate it.

      I can see that I haven't expressed myself correctly. What's needed is not necessarily a unique IP, but an IP that is different from other websites I've deployed using the auto-deployment feature.

      So that the websites I've deployed using auto-deployment will not share IP addresses with each other. However, the IP's can be shared with other websites on the internet.

      Do you know of an easier way this is possible using S3, CloudFront or others?

      Again, I really appreciate your help @leonstafford!


      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-08 16:43:01.149Z

        Hi Markus,

        OK, largely, the same principles will apply. You don't care where the other IPs are, so long as your sites haven't used them yet.

        You'd really want to have a blacklist to be super sure, but in general, any service that provisions you a new IP will be a good bet. CloudFlare/S3 are out still, as the IPs can change on each request, not deploy.

        Things like Heroku, Google App Engine may be nice for you.

        Using the WP-CLI integration, you can integrate with other scripts people have written for automatically provisioning websites with these tools and getting your static content into them.

        You could also pre-reserve a bunch of IPs and control the cycling of them, but this is going to have costs associated, vs Heroku. I haven't confirmed Heroku will retain the one IP for a newly provisioned application, but the same kind of principle applies for any website provisioning service.

        You can also buy a bunch of cheap shared web hosting accounts if you don't care of the performance and use the FTP details in the plugin, so that as soon as it's deployed, it's on it's unique IP from the others.

        Let me know if any of these ideas are appealing or if something's missing.



        1. MMarkus @Markus2019-01-08 17:06:51.740Z

          Hi again Leon,

          I'll look into Heroku and the WP-CLI integration. Cloudflare might be interesting as well with their free IP's. :-)

          Thanks A LOT! I have something to go on with now.