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How to include orphan pages in export?

By Kaitlyn Thul @kaitlyn2019-01-07 21:04:14.919Z

I have a few thank you pages on my site that aren't included in my sitemap (as they shouldn't be indexed) but are published pages in WordPress. These pages aren't linked anywhere else on the site, since they are thank you pages and should only be seen after submitting a form.

In my exports (no errors) - these pages are not being included.

First, I tried adding these URLs to the additional URLs section in settings: (ex: /thank-you-apply/). This resulted in the pages being added to my site folder, but the pages themselves showing as a 404 page, not the page content.

Second, I tried changing the additional URLS to fully qualified: (ex: https://joy-media.local/thank-you-contact/). This resulted in a folder being created in the export "https" with subfolders of the domain, then the pages themselves - still not right.

How do I include these orphan pages in the crawl?

Solved in post #4, click to view
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  1. K
    Kaitlyn Thul @kaitlyn2019-01-28 15:52:24.269Z

    For anyone looking at this post in the future, this was fixed in a later update - where a bugfix improved the crawling of everything.

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    1. In reply tokaitlyn:
      Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-08 16:28:40.040Z

      Hi Kaitlyn,

      I think you're adding them to the Additional URLs list was correct. I've got a bug since version 6 of only the first line in the Additional URLs field being included.

      A hacky workaround that might work for you in the meantime is to link to these pages from your homepage, with an invisible link, ie display:none or white on white color or such. This should get them crawled.

      Will have the fix out soon for the Additional URLs reported bug.

      Thanks for your patience.



      1. KKaitlyn Thul @kaitlyn2019-01-08 22:11:17.959Z

        Sounds good, thanks for the workaround suggestion as well :)