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Destination URL blank introduces href=''

By @sopeters2019-01-08 05:47:59.930Z

I'm trying to export a WP site to static content with relative URLs that I can first publish into a staging area before copying it to production. Hence I'm leaving "Destination URL" empty to purely get relative URLs for all content.

Most of the content works well but some elements get '' as as prefix. Can this be prevented?

I have an example on an IMG element srcset=... (

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-08 16:14:11.211Z

    Hi @sopeters,

    Thanks for using the plugin. Let's see if we can get your exports working smoothly.

    You may try the destination URL as a /. And ensure the "generate ZIP for offline use" is not checked.

    Please let me know if that helps.

    For any URLs still not being rewritten, please share me the original source code surrounding the link in question, so I can do some testing / fashion a fix if required.



    1. S@sopeters2019-01-08 23:16:25.936Z

      Thanks Leon, tried that but no luck. I'm exporting to a directory and no ZIP generated.
      I've set "Base HREF" to '/' as well as "Destination URL" to '/' and "Use relative URLs" is ON

      The source element that fails is:

      which results now in

      If you could provide a fix would be great !!!