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Altering Permalinks

By Tim Archambault @joetomgo2019-01-10 18:45:20.972Z

Thank you for taking on this much needed plugin update! This is perfect for a car dealership and flattening the vehicle display, category and home pages.

Can you give me some advice as how to alter the URLs on the WP server instance that is managing the data?

Data sent to Algolia search has the URL of our Internal server. I want the indexed Algolia records to have the live wpstatic URL so the consumer is sent to the correct WPStatic page.

Post To Facebook, Instagram and/or Google My Business....need to make sure these plugins are sending consumers to the proper WP2Static URL on the live server.

Thanks for any feedback.


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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-11 05:46:27.163Z

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for using the plugin and glad it's of use to you!

    Re Algolia, are you using their WordPress plugin?

    I haven't looked into it, but WP2Static could probably detect the existence of it and rewrite the URLs before it sends.

    Else, using WP2Static via the WP-CLI integration would give an opportunity to do the export first, then have your own script generate a list of the URLs and send to Algolia before/after the deploy stage...

    Interested to help you get this working.