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"Autoblog" and static sites ?

By Bernard @bernardchopo2019-01-11 11:55:47.960Z

I am a big fan of building affiliate autoblogs ( shame on me :-) but it works !) and I am wondering if a blog updated EVERY MINUTE with a new article (yes every mn, with an image from Amz or Ebay or whatever affiliate network) can use WP2static to produce all the content that it is normally built "on the fly" by the autoblog plugin automatically ??
Anybody can help to resolve this "vital" question I have since I discovered WP2Static plugin ?
Thanks to any help !

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  1. B
    Bernard @bernardchopo2019-01-11 11:56:57.031Z

    obviously I had not tried at this moment AND IF THIS WORKS, I will buy the plugin .. of course ! :)

    1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-11 13:28:06.706Z

      Hi @bernardchopo,

      No need to buy the PowerPack version, necessarily, try the free and open source version first :)

      Make sure the themes and configuration of your sites lend themselves well to static publishing, then the issue of per-minute deployments can be dealt with in various ways:

      • diff-only deployments (only for GitHub deploys at the moment, but will roll out to others soon)
      • deploy via WP-CLI and a cron task every minute (currently possible)
      • deploy on each publish action/trigger (coming soon)

      You want your deploys to be less than a minute, so would set the Crawl Increment under Advanced tab to Maximum and try first with a zip or subdirectory deploy option.

      If those are quick enough or close to, then I'd look at your ideal deployment solution, which may or may not need the PowerPack.

      Short answer: should be possible, let's test it!



      1. BBernard @bernardchopo2019-01-11 18:57:13.026Z

        Thanks a lot for your help !
        I will surely test your options but I am not so "technical" to go aver WP-cli ;-)

        Anyway i will be back if I found a easy solution
        best regards