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Start static site export - It doesn't. Why?

By Dale @Daleq2019-01-15 08:34:51.833Z

I am trying to create a website on my Amazon S3.
I have an Amazon S3 account.
I have a “static” website running on my Mac OS X 10.14.2 using MAMP. It works.
I have installed WP2Static into my Wordpress (the Wordpress is running on my Mac under MAMP.)
I now want to create a true static site, on my computer before trying to install it on my Amazon S3.
In Wordpress I click on WP2Static and see the following:

(In case the above image doesn’t show up on this post, I am at the “start static site export” screen, where there is set, “Subdirectory on current server”, “Destination URL -> set to; and Target Directory which is set to - /Users/dhome/Documents/AllWebSites/wordpress/mystaticsite. )

But when I click on “Start static site export” at the bottom of the page, I get the message:
“Please set the Base URL field to the address you will host your static site.
Please set the Base URL field to a valid URL, ie”

Now I am lost. I don’t understand what they want me to do.
Wordpress on my computer is in a folder at, /Users/dhome/Documents/AllWebSites/wordpress/
There is nothing else in the AllWebSites folder except the Wordpress folder.

I suppose the message is asking me to change something in the above page, either the “Destination URL “or the Target Directory, or to choose something in the 1st option, “Where will you host the optimized version of your site?”
But where & what? & How? I don’t understand what it wants me to do.

Could someone please help me with this? Thank you.

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-23 03:02:08.409Z

    Hi @Daleq,

    Very sorry for the late reply, this one got lost in my inbox.

    If you're still having troubles, please try this latest preview release, where you can choose S3 as a deployment option and have a much easier time, I hope:

    Please let me know any remaining issues if encountered.



    1. DDale @Daleq2019-01-23 19:20:37.294Z

      Thanks for your reply to my question. Actually, while waiting, I decided to just write the website directly in HTML code and forget about Wordpress.
      I am happy about that. I found that learning to write in simple HTML is much easier than trying to figure out the overcomplicated WordPress program, and then convert it back to static.
      My site is already published on S3. I now need only to figure out how to give it its own simple domain name, a process which is a bit complicated, but hopefully I can figure out following Amazon’s rather complicated instructions.
      Still, your program is a useful one for many people who already have a site composed in Wordpress, and I appreciate that you respond and continually update it.

      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-01-26 02:23:21.523Z

        Hi Dale,

        OK, great to hear you found a solution. Static sites are definitely simpler.

        When you feel the need to have more automation involved, you could try any of the static site generators here:

        There is also SSG, by Roman Zolotarev, which is very cool and minimal dependencies:

        For the S3 setup, it may help to manage your DNS via Route53 and add a CloudFront layer in front of your static site, for faster global speeds.