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Exclude list doesn't seem to work

By @CyberGoat2019-01-30 13:51:46.940Z


I'm trying out the new plugin on one of my websites. The initial crawl generates a lot of false urls, therefore I add them to the exclude list. When I try and test via ZIP export I get the same result as if the exclude list is being ignored.

I'd appreciate the help to solve this issue.


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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-06 20:53:13.422Z

    Hi @CyberGoat,

    What format as you entering your Exclude URLs as? Are you on version 6.6.2 of the plugin? There were recent fixes for Exclude URLs functionality.

    You may also try running in Debug Mode (Advanced tab) and then checking the Export Log from Logs tab or sending it to me, it should provide information around the exclusions it's doing.



    1. C@CyberGoat2019-02-10 12:02:54.921Z

      Hi @leonstafford,

      It was indeed fixed in the lastest version. Thank you.