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Subdirectory on current server - Double content

By Woah @woah2019-02-04 17:58:24.674Z

Getting there but one problem, i'm choosing "Subdirectory on current server" as deployment method. And i have put the main website, on a subdirectory so i can export to the root domain. That's the right thing.. right?

I did see a link in in Advanced with to place in root "This community guide may be able to help you. " but that link isn't working...

I'm using the latest release version.

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-04 18:15:00.847Z

    Hi @woah, I can recommend a separate subdomain as an easier option, if that’s available to you. I haven’t done much testing exporting from subdir to root, so can’t recommend it just yet.

    I will update that link with a proper guide soon, sorry for that.

    I’ll do my best to get a nice setup working for you, but away from the computer at the moment.

    I see the encoding issue you’re having, too. Please join our Slack group, there is a plugin linked in the General channel a couple of days ago that may help with that.



    1. WWoah @woah2019-02-04 19:13:04.603Z

      Thanks for the fast reply Leon! Will look into the subdomain for the moment.

      Don't have slack & can't find the channel for the encoding, hope you can place a link later on?

    2. W
      In reply towoah:
      Woah @woah2019-02-05 09:46:36.559Z2019-02-05 10:04:34.149Z

      Installed on a subdomain:
      But exporting to main domain = not working. Choosing "Subdirectory" right?

      1. W
        In reply towoah:
        Woah @woah2019-02-05 10:11:42.960Z

        Ok so we moved back to root domain. What's the best option to have the root site in static HTML? Don't get me wrong, till now we loved the plugin.. but if root isn't working.. what's the use.

        Our wp site is in root now.
        We can export to subdirectory perfectly (except UTF8 bug).
        Can we put something in .htaccess so we serve static website?