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Static HTML in root directory? How?

By Woah @woah2019-02-11 09:59:33.610Z

What's the best option to have the root site in static HTML?
There is a link which isn't working in the plugin, which should explain how to place in root...

Subdomain didn't work out for us. Subfolder copys the subfolder also.

How to do it good?

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-13 08:42:17.573Z

    @woah found it :)

    sorry, still haven't had time to test this configuration out, but it will work with some htaccess/nginx rewrite magic

    1. W
      In reply towoah:
      Woah @woah2019-02-14 08:50:49.808Z

      Any pointers on "htaccess/nginx rewrite magic" since the link to the guide is missing. So not possible to run in root... hmmm...

      1. W
        In reply towoah:
        Woah @woah2019-02-14 09:21:27.066Z

        To keep things clear. We can't get it working:

        • Running in root can't, because it takes the subfolder where the real WordPress is in also with every update.
        • Running in subfolder and then using "Magic", the link to the guide is missing.