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Trouble with static export

By Graham Jenkins @grahamJenkins2019-02-13 21:36:12.226Z

Hi, really enjoying your static site export, I got it set up with wp-cli on cron, exporting to a local directory then rsync over to a frontend server. Recently we installed a new theme that has some plugin dependencies/complexity. It appears that the export is working properly, however when testing on the frontend server I run into a handful of 404 errors for files that appear to have been exported. I did try adding the "missing" files to the crawl, however when viewing the exported filesystem it appears that they are there. Initially I thought it may have been an issue with wp2static, but perhaps it is more of a problem with the exported files being somehow incompatible.

I have a web development background and have done some debugging, but nothing seems to be working, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Graham Jenkins @grahamJenkins2019-02-13 22:38:58.690Z

    Update: My theme had a space in it and the escape characters were being problematic. I renamed the theme without spaces and the issues appear to have been cleaned up.

    Issue resolved