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By @muzrix2019-02-20 20:33:51.978Z2019-02-22 11:45:25.427Z

Hello Leon,

Just try to generate a static page out of Oxygen Builder ( using this plugin but it seem the output is wrong. Can you confirm this.




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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-23 16:03:30.494Zreplies tomuzrix:

    Hi @muzrix,

    Some assets appear to be missing. If you open your browser console > network tab, it should show some 404/missing files, which you can try to force-include via the plugin's Crawl > Include field.

    Else, please re-run the export with Debug Mode enabled (Advanced Tab), which should yield an Export Log (logs tab), which you can email to me at and I'll take a look.



    1. M
      @muzrix2019-02-23 21:09:34.728Zreplies toleonstafford:

      Hi Leon, I sent the export log to your email. Thanks

      1. M
        @muzrix2019-02-24 00:08:06.747Zreplies tomuzrix:

        The problem solved.

        I didn't set the port number under Crawling tab > Custom crawling port
        The output is fine now after I set the port number.

        Thanks Leon.

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