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Whenever I export my WordPress site to netlify, the page is not found

By Milan @MilanB2019-02-21 14:09:30.304Z

It works fine when I export as zip, except the actual files are hidden in a lot of folders. C_\wamp64\www\wp\wp-content\uploads\wp-static-html-output-1550757660 is the actual path of my site within the zip. I am running wamp as you can tell.
Edit: My website is

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-23 16:01:38.840Z

    Hi @MilanB,

    Native Windows support is untested. Please try Local by FlyWheel, which is free to run in Windows. This uses a more common webserver environment and the plugin should run fine.

    Please let me know if any other issues arise. Windows support will improve in coming releases.