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Zip export question.

By @sft2019-02-23 15:57:46.366Z

So I've been attempting to use this plugin on two different wordpress sites - when I download the Zip file I cannot view the contents in Windows. When I use unzip in Ubuntu to unzip the file... there is no folder structure and the file names include the folder structure separated by "backslash" instead of "/".

How do I correctly export the Zip file and then unzip the files to be ready to load into a basic webserver?

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-23 15:59:57.216Z

    Hi @sft, are you running the export on a Windows server?

    Please enable Debug Mode (advanced tab), then re-run the export and look for the Export Log in Logs tab, there may be a clue there. You may email that log to me at and I can also take a look.

    From there, we may know more as to why it's failing.



    1. S@sft2019-02-23 16:01:33.162Z

      Just running the zip export via Windows 10 - I will run with those options enabled now.

      1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-23 16:11:36.175Z

        OK, Windows support (MAMP/XAMPP/IIS) is untested and likely to have some issues. There are multiple server environments known to work well in Windows, such as Local by FlyWheel and AMPP. They may be the path of least resistance to get smooth exports under Windows...

        1. S@sft2019-02-23 16:15:03.022Z

          What tool do you use to unzip the Zip file on ubuntu that keeps the file structure?

          1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-23 16:16:17.084Z

            It's unlikely the tool to use for unzipping, but the zips created when using the plugin under unsupported Windows servers will not be in the correct format...

            1. S@sft2019-02-23 16:20:18.397Z

              Thank you for the prompt responses - it really shows how passionate you are on this project.

              From the above I should do the following:

              Transfer the wordpress site to a Linux hosting environment
              THEN attempt the export with wp2static

              1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-02-23 16:28:49.850Z

                Thanks for your patience and understanding.

                It is going to be the easiest way for you, yes. I do hope to get better Windows support soon, but there are quite a few other features and improvements needed with the current majority UNIX-based system users.

                Local by FlyWheel is a bit heavy, but seems fairly stable. If the export is all working fine out of the box, then you can try giving the virtual machine more memory and also increasing that within the php.ini file for faster exports (and the Crawl Increment in the Advanced Tab can really speed things up, too).

                Please keep me posted with your progress and feel free to email me at or join our Slack channel (link within the Help tab in plugin).