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Feature Request - Run a command after export

By Mark Nelson @markn2019-03-28 01:06:24.099Z


I'd like to respectfully request a feature. I need to run a custom rsync command after I export my WordPress site to static html. Can we add a "Run a command" option to the "Where will you host the optimized version of your site?" Dropdown list?

PS. I can implement this myself if you'd like to collaborate. Let me know.

Thank you,

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  1. Progress
    with doing this idea
  2. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-03-28 09:28:15.907Z

    Hi @markn,

    We have one filter/action you can use to trigger this now:

    Else, if you run WP2Static via the WP-CLI command wp2static, then you can roll into your script with rsync.

    Also, openrsync is now a thing being developed by the OpenBSD peeps and I believe may be available to use in other OS's now.

    More APIs will be exposed in WP2Static from version 7 onwards.