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Request to update requirements

By Mark Nelson @markn2019-03-28 01:11:16.998Z


I am respectfully requesting some additional documentation with respect to required PHP modules -- perhaps even some automated checks.

I build my PHP code from source and I had to sort out a few modules on my own. They are DOM and ICONV.

Can you build some pre-installation checks to ensure that all of the required modules are available and include some documentation telling the users what they'll need in addition to bare-bones PHP.

Thank you very much.

Very Respectfully,

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  1. Progress
    with doing this idea
  2. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-03-28 08:50:50.713Z

    Hi @markn,

    This is underway today and should be a massive improvement!

    Watch out for

    Thanks for your patience!



    1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-03-28 15:26:55.227Zreplies toleonstafford:

      Hi @markn,

      I've got the first 2 docs up today, including the requirements:

      Please let me know anything else you may have encountered during your setup that needs mentioning.