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WordPress to Netlify

By @anditasb2019-04-25 07:57:16.418Z


I am very interested in your plugin primarily because it supports Netlify. After reading the documentation, I saw that for the free version only supports ZIP and manual uploads to Netlify. So it will be quite troublesome when going to update blog posts.

If I buy a premium add-on, can this process take place automatically? So when I update the post, the static web on Netlify will be updated automatically?

Thank you.

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-04-25 08:44:24.475Z

    You can use the current Netlify add-on in the official version of the plugin until the next V7 release.

    It will give you 1-click deploys via the UI or unattended deploys to Netlify via the CLI with WP-CLI integration.

    On-post deploys are coming, but after version 7.

    I'm aware of the growing requests for auto-deployment on post updates, so should be in soon :)