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Image issue

By @Tony2019-04-28 08:26:23.914Z

I just got WP2Static up and going. I did a single 1 page site using Brizy Pro builder

Exported without error, but noticed the images are missing. When I look at the source I see an odd path to the image

I used relative export for url ( ie giving to client on USB option )

Why is that offlinezip path being created?

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-04-28 11:11:43.668Z

    Hi @Tony,

    The purpose of the OFFLINEZIP image is for easier rewriting of paths to support offline usage. Unfortunately, the implementation is not currently stable.

    I'm hoping to resolve that in the upcoming V7, there is an open issue in GitHub for it, I believe

    In the meantime, you may try Simply Static plugin's offline mode, which works well, but can't attest to other parts of the plugin as it's not been updated in about a year.



    1. T@Tony2019-04-28 17:51:39.401Z

      Purchased WP2Static, don't want to use an outdated free plugin for what I got Wp2static for, hoping it gets fixed in the near future. Thanks