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Slider and unique characters not working/showing

By Aidan @Aidan2019-05-08 23:45:09.410Z2019-05-10 03:46:18.495Z

When i am exporting my site i use the default settings and it seems to export fine, but when i upload and open the website the slider is broken and what i believe are 'font awesome' characters show as boxes. I have tried to look through the files and believe that it goes back to the css and js files, in css file when it describes the character in the files it comes up with {content: "?????"} i have tried to replace ???? with the correct character code but still doesn't work. I also use autoptimize if that helps, but this is about the extent of my knowledge on what i can try.

EDIT: I have discovered that the font links inside the css file is directing to the localhost not the destination url not sure if it makes a difference.

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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-05-22 07:20:50.032Z

    Oh, a taste of home - I used to work for the Rainforest Dome above Cairns Casino :)

    So, I would suggest trying the early development build of version 7. It isn't ready for release yet, but I'm using it on a few sites fine and improvements to rewriting and performance are worth it for me, at least:

    Let's get this working for you!

    1. AAidan @Aidan2019-05-24 04:06:45.355Z

      Really, ha wow it is such a small world.

      So i have tried version 7, I do have to say love the new UI and wow crawls heaps more URLs at least for this site. Unfortunately though it still isn't working 100%, so far from what i can tell it's a problem within the main index.html file. In there is where the slider bullets resides and it's having issues from </script> being in the wrong place and i believe that's the same with the slider itself. I am also getting a referencing issue with the pictures on the main index.html as well they are still pointing to localhost that and a few </p> are missing. The .css file is spot on now though fonts work great, same with the whole website beside for the main page. Also at the moment i am just using a sub-directory on the domain for testing if that helps with the referencing issue. So close to having the site work perfectly, and thank you for helping.