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Looking for Syntax Highlighter that converts to static.

By William Scott @vk2xxy2019-05-21 02:17:03.455Z

I'm using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin.

Below is a link to my site that shows the static output with a picture of the dynamic output.

Is there a way to get a better result?
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  1. Leon Stafford @leonstafford2019-05-22 07:14:46.987Z

    You should see the same output with your static site as with the original.

    The snippet in the link is looking OK for me now - did you find a solution?

    If something looks amiss, it is likely a missing JS/CSS file that hasn't been rewritten correctly.

    You can try this early development build of version 7 to compare results (new rewriting engine + ability to detect more WP URLs in case of missing assets):
    1. VWilliam Scott @vk2xxy2019-05-22 09:35:44.549Z

      did you find a solution?

      I changed the highlighter to WP-GeSHi-Highlight.