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Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)

By Vidhya V @vidhyav6562019-05-26 01:26:26.368Z

Hello, I have install the plugin on this domain but from long time is only see "Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)" and my button are also disabled. Why its taking so much time? How to make the plugin working? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. E
    @EnterMaster2019-06-07 18:48:23.658Z

    yea, the same thing is happening to my site

    1. D
      In reply tovidhyav656:
      Daniel Andres @daandres2019-06-12 19:08:42.541Z

      I also see this problem.
      I have a site with round about 2000 posts and the "analyzing" never changes. I've also tried it via commandline but this also fails. (or never ends).

      any hints to solve this issue?


      1. G
        In reply tovidhyav656:
        Guy Kaufman @gkaufman2019-06-13 07:48:30.501Z

        I Also had this. For me it was changing the max_execution_time to 3600, and memory_limit to 1024.
        You can see more details here:

        Additionally, you can log in to your server's /wordpress/uploads/ folder and see all the logs there to try to understand what's failing. If you don't have an export log, try enabling "enable debug mode" under the plugin's Advanced tab.