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Github Version doesn't have vendor folder and is giving error.

By -D @annoi2019-05-30 00:10:13.057Z

I'm having an issue deploying to github. I tried through wp-cli and it says it is getting a 409 error in response. So I tried to clone your latest version from github, but it appears to be missing some files and is giving this error: "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WP2Static\Controller' not found in"

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    -D @annoi2019-05-30 00:17:42.471Z

    I went ahead and did composer install to get the required files, so now I'm able to load it in the wordpress admin. But now none of the links work in the wp2static. I can't click on anything.

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      In reply toannoi:
      -D @annoi2019-05-30 21:30:20.701Z

      Ok, I was able to get the new version working now. turns out there was a .htaccess file preventing access to the views directory. Trying a crawl now to see how it goes.