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Support12018-10-20 13:35:34.422Z
How to troubleshoot a failing export?

Whilst there are the beginnings of a Troubleshooting section on https://docs.wp2static.com/en/troubleshooting/, this post will help to quickly list the steps, in some order of time/cost to troubleshoot issues with your export or deployment.

SupportTSW172019-04-25 17:37:37.758Z
Export zip & then run at same URL: possible?

I want to export as a zip and eventually run the static code at the same URL as the current site, though on a different server. Is this possible? (The instructions say "Do not set this to the same URL as the WordPress site you're currently using".)

SupportM12019-11-18 06:10:50.090Z
New Changes are not updating in my static site

Hi sir! First time when i generated the static site with WP2Static plugin, every thing worked fine. But when i made some changes in my site and try to create static site again, new changes are not showing, rather it is giving me the old site again an...

SupportMM62019-11-17 11:05:49.365Z
Export full uploads folder

I'm trying to export my website selecting the "Homepage Only" detection level and everything is fine. But, what I need now is to export the website with the full uploads folder, with all the images, that the homepage uses or not. Is it possible to so...

SupportR32019-11-15 03:08:36.125Z
How to use with a Docker compose setup?

With a Docker compose file like below, how should I setup my export options? version: '3.3' services: db: image: mysql:5.7 volumes: - db_data:/var/lib/mysql restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: somew...

SupportRCG62019-11-15 03:04:49.667Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list"

Hi,I'm trying to export wordpress to static but somehow i got " Failed during "Crawling initial file list" error. What things i tried : Update PHP version to 7.2.24 -not work change port to 443 - not work change port to 80 - managed to complete initi...

SupportR12019-11-14 13:55:26.196Z
GitHub pro version

Purchased the pro GitHub add-on yesterday and have a couple of questions. I was previously using the free version of the plugin with the GitHub option selected. I don't see a difference between the free version and the pro, and I'm wondering if I hav...

SupportS02019-11-08 14:57:47.196Z
Link shortener/cloaking

How would you do this? Using a plugin like pretty links.. doesn't work. Has anyone experience with this? Local mamp install + wp2static greets

SupportR32019-11-03 09:16:06.617Z
Site generated with no styling!

Hello, I tried exporting my site but when I check the site everything was not as expected. I'm hosting locally and using OceanWP theme + elementor. Help pls! Here's a screenshot with twenty seventeen theme. It is the same for my OceanWP theme. https:...

SupportCC72019-10-29 16:08:27.616Z
Explain icons...
Wp2Static not work

After install plugin, i had settings then click to "Start static site export". I saw: Process completed in 2:45 (mins:ss) And all logs all created. But, i check Cookie-Free-Domain not fixed on Gtmetrix.com How to fix ? Is there any Video guide details ?

SupportS252019-10-29 08:59:44.202Z
Divi has broken icons

Has anybody here had experience with Divi to Static? Have you had broken Icons? Divi loads icons from its own module not fontawesome so I was wondering if this is common or not? Cheers

SupportJP22019-10-28 21:57:48.907Z
Larger images randomly get skipped

I'm attempting to export a site that is primarily a collection of photo galleries. As such, there are usually 6 different sizes of each photo, from full-sized down to very small, created by WP. Every time I run an export, some of the full-sized image...

SupportM12019-10-21 17:14:33.200Z
Only the "Hello World" post is being exported

I'm attempting to export a newly created site to static using wp2static. I plan to build this site on top of Elementor's Canvas theme (ie, absolutely no theme, just a blank page). At the moment, the site has a total of one post (the default "Hello Wo...

SupportB12019-10-16 16:28:31.506Z
Use Relative URLs ignored?

I check the Use Relative URLs checkbox, run an export from scratch (not incrementally), and all URLs in the exported HTML are absolute. Do I need to also enter something (like "/") in Base HREF?

SupportM02019-10-11 23:18:14.599Z

Hi there, My crawl works successfully up until it comes up against a few URLs with http://PLACEHOLDER.wpsho/. After it 404s against a few of these URLs (according to the advanced log), the crawl fails. I'm a paid user and am hoping to resolve this AS...

SupportN02019-10-11 01:11:56.369Z
Uploading ads.txt

Please add support for ads.txt. If a site has ads.txt file then include it just the way robots.txt is included. Is there any alternative method to use ads.txt on netlify?

SupportA12019-10-10 06:48:49.997Z
Specific URL Not Exported, Even When Listed in "Include additional URLs"

wp2static is working well for us except that several specific files are never captured by the export, even when listed in the "Include additional URLs" section. We're using Version 6.6.6 (spooky!) and have the WP2Static Yearly Subscription. Any ideas...

SupportD02019-10-10 00:17:44.958Z
All good except for standard body font

Hey, Leon! I just posted the latest version of http://granitepartners.ca/ as I've done a few times before - last time back in March - and everything is fine except for the standard body font. It's Merriwether - a standard Google font - and despite se...

SupportI12019-10-07 17:13:39.097Z
Folder Name with looking characters - Problem displaying Thai language in folder names and links

Hi, thanks for this awesome tool. when using it on a inner pages that has "thai" characters in it. The folder names and internal links causes the output to not work at all. aws s3 wont even start the transfer for some reason. example of error folder:...

SupportS202019-10-04 03:47:34.205Z
Urls in CSS not being rewritten

I'm having issues with fonts that are being included by URL in CSS of a theme (cssigniter carbone). Here is the code in question: @font-face { font-family: 'FontAwesome'; src: url('../fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot?v=4.7.0'); src: url('../fonts/fontaw...

SupportC2MC222019-10-04 00:56:20.633Z
WP2S using wrong db

I am trying to use WP2Static to deploy one site from a multisite WP install, following https://docs.wp2static.com/en/getting-started/test-deploy/ I am testing using a brand new WP site. I have reset WP2static settings to factory. I ran "Start Static ...

SupportD32019-10-02 04:15:43.716Z
charset - utf ...

hallo, i have a problem with the german characters. after crawling my site looks like that: but should look like that: but if i look in the "index.html" there is the right utf charset, i think: ..... html lang="de-DE"...head><meta charset="UTF-8".......

SupportWHKS142019-09-24 08:52:45.958Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

I got this error message but no any log can I see. It is possible that my website required https ?

SupportK2M222019-09-19 07:08:16.424Z
Static site for offline usage

I am trying to export a static version of my blog as an archive, or to retain online, inactive (free of Wordpress). After multiple tries with multiple browsers, I finally got it to work in the beta version. After 197 minutes, it allowed me to downloa...

SupportP2M2P232019-09-12 15:05:18.312Z
How to create a single static page from an existing multi page Wordpress site from a sub page (not the home page) to external URL?

Hi I would like to create a single static page from an existing Wordpress site (non home, non blog, product price page to be copied) for use as a static home page on an external URL (http server and URL). I have six such old URLs and would like to ta...

SupportH02019-07-07 11:56:47.126Z
UTF problems

Hi, I just deployed an Italian site, but there is something wrong with italian words ending in àèìòù, please check www.passaggifestival.it/2019 Thanks, Andrea

SupportG02019-07-06 22:17:12.898Z
Exporting to S3 and creating directories

I have a bucket set up in s3, wordpresstest.hireology.com and the export is failing when trying to write to this bucket: PUT'ing file to archives/1/feed/index.html in S3 Using S3 Endpoint wordpresstest.hireology.com.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com S3 URL:...

SupportSD232019-07-04 02:01:46.735Z
Local export success, exporting to S3 fails

Whenever I try to export to S3, it fails with the below error: Failed during "Deploying files to S3", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance. However, the permissions in S3 is correctly set, and the upload test is always successful. ...

SupportE02019-07-03 13:39:55.151Z
External links are empty

I am using the new version of WP2Static (Version 7.0-build0001). Everything is working great except that any external link href gets rewritten to be blank. For example: <a href="http://example.com"> ends up being <a href=""> I have tried a number o...

SupportD202019-06-19 15:14:52.728Z
optimise conflicts

I am trying to download a static version of my website however even though I have turned off the optimising plugins they are still showing in the source of the index file how can I fix this. do I need to remove them altogether from the site

SupportE02019-06-19 14:59:15.183Z
Can I Export My Podcast RSS feed?

Hi, I'm looking into using WP2Static but before I can make the leap I need to know if I can create static RSS feeds. I have a wordpress website with a podcast feed created using the Blubrry PowerPress plugin, it creates a static RSS feed. Can I use W...

SupportS02019-06-18 13:49:58.370Z
failed during Processing the crawled files

a simple site. 5 pages. failed during Processing the crawled files. Any ideas? Thanks

SupportT02019-06-17 02:36:50.349Z
Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)

Hello, I have install the plugin on this domain https://ashoportunity.com/ but from long time is only see "Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)" and my button are also disabled. Why its taking so much time? How to make t...

SupportVED3G32019-06-13 07:48:30.501Z
Every export starts over from beginning?

Hello, I'm exploring and trying WP2Static for the last few days and today got a yearly subscription. Thank you Leon for your good work and I hope your plugin will be a good solution for us. What we are trying to achieve, is a state of which our conte...

SupportG02019-06-12 09:40:07.699Z
Cookie Consent not working in HTML files

Hello to all, I have searched the forum but could not find an answer. Maybe I am doing something wrong: In the original Wordpress site there is a plugin for Cookie Consent. And its working fine. But, in the new HTML website, this plugin does not appe...

SupportD02019-06-09 14:36:50.752Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi there, I am getting this error when I tried to use this plugin. See below: Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance. Can you please on how can I make it work? Do you have any troubleshooti...

SupportV02019-06-05 11:58:49.352Z
Converted page doesn't look like the original

HI, I tried this plugin but no succes. Here is the original page: redscope.nl/wordpress And here is the converted page: redscope.nl/wordpress/mystaticsite/ Did I do something wrong?

SupportB02019-06-04 14:31:08.292Z
Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.

Hi, I am getting this error: Failed during "Crawling initial file list", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance. How can I make it work, any troubleshooting guide? Thanks

SupportMJ132019-06-01 11:35:33.563Z
Github Version doesn't have vendor folder and is giving error.

I'm having an issue deploying to github. I tried through wp-cli and it says it is getting a 409 error in response. So I tried to clone your latest version from github, but it appears to be missing some files and is giving this error: "Fatal error: Un...

SupportA22019-05-30 21:30:20.701Z
Zip Export Error (Redirect to 404 Page)

Hey Leon, Love the plugin - thank you for the help. I've used this plugin successfully before. Only in the recent week have I been encountering this error. When I try to do a zip export it redirects me to a 404 page: http://carriage.100saves.com/wp-c...

SupportB02019-05-29 19:36:32.935Z
Slider and unique characters not working/showing

When i am exporting my site i use the default settings and it seems to export fine, but when i upload and open the website the slider is broken and what i believe are 'font awesome' characters show as boxes. I have tried to look through the files and...

SupportA2A222019-05-24 04:06:45.355Z