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Feature Request - Run a command after export

Hello, I'd like to respectfully request a feature. I need to run a custom rsync command after I export my WordPress site to static html. Can we add a "Run a command" option to the "Where will you host the optimized version of your site?" Dropdown lis...

Ideas / Feature Requests12019-03-28 09:28:15.907Z
Issue with slider revolution

Apologies if this is a stupid question, I used the plugin to create a static site from a wordpress site, it works perfectly, except for my slider, it wont work on the static page, I have used different sliders, and they all do the same, using slider ...

SupportA12019-03-28 09:25:36.978Z
Rewrite all links that match a pattern and/or combine files

I like the rewrite url feature, but it gets cumbersome after a while, especially if you use many plugins. It would be nice to be able to use patterns in the url replacement, something like *.js , js/{filename}.js or *.css , style/{filename}.css or *....

Ideas / Feature RequestsD12019-03-28 08:53:08.154Z
What S3 bucket permissions does WP2Static need?

While trying to make sense of another problem with exporting to S3, we had to set splat permissions on our bucket to get the export working. Which leads me to wonder what permissions does this plugin need to write to S3? PutBucketRequestPayment doesn...

SupportS02019-03-12 21:09:17.303Z
Stripping HTML from embedded javascript

Hi, I have some Javascript on my page that uses the Typeahead library. When using wp2static there's 1 line of code that is being slightly altered and causing issues. The code in my HTML is this: jQuery('#remote .typeahead').typeahead({ hint: true, ...

SupportR12019-02-27 03:11:49.592Z
Can I use jatpack plugin with wp2static?

So i'm exploring the pros of a static website but also the cons. I was wondering if it is possible to use jatpacks CDN and stuff while having a static website. Could you guys inform me some more about this? Kind regards.

SupportI12019-02-26 13:08:24.868Z
Getting GT eror :There are 33 components that are not cookie-free

I tried by installing your plugin but I am not seeing any difference in error.Before Installing and after installing there is no difference at all.Is this Plugin even helping to resolve the issue? or Am I missing something ? https://gtmetrix.com/repo...

SupportR12019-02-24 15:43:16.060Z
Oxygen Builder

Hello Leon, Just try to generate a static page out of Oxygen Builder (https://oxygenbuilder.com/) using this plugin but it seem the output is wrong. Can you confirm this. Thanks Original Generated

SupportMM32019-02-24 00:08:06.747Z
Zip export question.

So I've been attempting to use this plugin on two different wordpress sites - when I download the Zip file I cannot view the contents in Windows. When I use unzip in Ubuntu to unzip the file... there is no folder structure and the file names include ...

SupportS72019-02-23 16:28:49.850Z
Cannot start exporting

I am not able to start the export. On accessing the plugin view on /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wp2static it would seem that there is already an export process ongoing, with the message "Analyzing site... this may take a few minutes (but it's worth it!)"...

SupportR42019-02-23 16:05:12.469Z
Explain icons...
Whenever I export my WordPress site to netlify, the page is not found

It works fine when I export as zip, except the actual files are hidden in a lot of folders. C_\wamp64\www\wp\wp-content\uploads\wp-static-html-output-1550757660 is the actual path of my site within the zip. I am running wamp as you can tell. Edit: My...

SupportM12019-02-23 16:01:38.840Z
Static HTML in root directory? How?

What's the best option to have the root site in static HTML? There is a link which isn't working in the plugin, which should explain how to place in root... Subdomain didn't work out for us. Subfolder copys the subfolder also. How to do it good?

SupportWW32019-02-14 09:21:27.066Z
Division by zero error

Hello, I am having some trouble with the CLI export. It was working previously but recently started throwing errors. On PHP7.0: PHP Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/static-html-output-plugin/plugin/WP2Static/...

SupportGG52019-02-14 00:19:28.668Z
Trouble with static export

Hi, really enjoying your static site export, I got it set up with wp-cli on cron, exporting to a local directory then rsync over to a frontend server. Recently we installed a new theme that has some plugin dependencies/complexity. It appears that the...

SupportG12019-02-13 22:38:58.690Z
error while trying to use gitlab

I tried to put gitlab for destination, and when I test my seting it works fine but I'm getting Failed during "Preparing files for GitLab deployment", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance

SupportH12019-02-12 22:34:09.026Z
Exclude list doesn't seem to work

Hi, I'm trying out the new plugin on one of my websites. The initial crawl generates a lot of false urls, therefore I add them to the exclude list. When I try and test via ZIP export I get the same result as if the exclude list is being ignored. I'd ...

SupportCC22019-02-10 12:02:54.921Z
Presale question

If I purchase your plugin will you setit up for me. Also can you make it work with cloudflare and stackcahe? I need it for this website : alotoftrips.com

SupportA12019-02-06 20:56:06.963Z
Super- Slow Processing , Errors

I downloaded WP Static yesterday to export my site (30 pages) to static HTML pages, but the plugin took literally all day to crawl the site and gave me an error encountered when processing files. Does the site crawler normally take this long? My serv...

SupportW12019-02-06 20:49:12.597Z
Subdirectory on current server - Double content

Getting there but one problem, i'm choosing "Subdirectory on current server" as deployment method. And i have put the main website, on a subdirectory so i can export to the root domain. That's the right thing.. right? I did see a link in in Advanced ...

SupportWW42019-02-05 10:11:42.960Z
How to include orphan pages in export?

I have a few thank you pages on my site that aren't included in my sitemap (as they shouldn't be indexed) but are published pages in WordPress. These pages aren't linked anywhere else on the site, since they are thank you pages and should only be see...

SupportKK32019-01-28 15:52:24.269Z
Yoast Sitemap URL not being replaced

I absolutely love this plugin, and have successfully exported my site several times. Thank you! I have noticed an issue - which may be my fault or an issue with the plugin - not quite sure. When exporting my site locally (via zip or subdirectory), WP...

SupportKK62019-01-28 15:20:17.140Z
Start static site export - It doesn't. Why?

I am trying to create a website on my Amazon S3. I have an Amazon S3 account. I have a “static” website running on my Mac OS X 10.14.2 using MAMP. It works. I have installed WP2Static into my Wordpress (the Wordpress is running on my Mac under MAMP.)...

SupportD32019-01-26 02:23:21.523Z
Auto-deploy destinations

I am a WP designer and a current user of HardyPress, so I understand static sites and how they work and such. My biggest complaint with HardyPress and Shifter is that they require naked domain names and require domain registration with a small group ...

SupportI12019-01-26 02:07:06.996Z
Export fails every time I try (I'm using PRO Version 6.2)

I'm trying to export my website, but it always fails. The message says "An error has occurred, please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance." I tried setting the crawl to 1, 10, Maximum, but always fails. When I check the export log, there...

SupportM262019-01-23 03:12:14.878Z
Only few post crawled

I have 6470 post in my wordpress, but the WP2Static only discovered 50 post, most of my post is lost. the WP2Static dectected URL include sitemap.xml, all post in that xml, but the plugin do not crawl it. here is the dectected wordpress url / /robots...

SupportW212019-01-23 02:59:49.395Z
Instance Profile support?

I am currently running my wordpress inside EC2. The S3 feature for deploy static website seem to require AWS Access Key and Secret Access key. If I do not include it then the plugin test upload fail. The instance have IAM policy attached to the EC2 a...

SupportJ12019-01-23 02:54:56.238Z
"Autoblog" and static sites ?

hello I am a big fan of building affiliate autoblogs ( shame on me :-) but it works !) and I am wondering if a blog updated EVERY MINUTE with a new article (yes every mn, with an image from Amz or Ebay or whatever affiliate network) can use WP2static...

SupportBB32019-01-11 18:57:13.026Z
Altering Permalinks

Thank you for taking on this much needed plugin update! This is perfect for a car dealership and flattening the vehicle display, category and home pages. Can you give me some advice as how to alter the URLs on the WP server instance that is managing ...

SupportJ12019-01-11 05:46:27.163Z
Automatically get a unique IP for every deployment

Hey everyone, Do you know a way of automatically getting a new, unique IP address for every website deployed using the auto-deployment feature? I wonder if this is possible to setup using WP2Static combined with either BunnyCDN, Netlify, Amazon S3 + ...

SupportMM42019-01-08 17:06:51.740Z
Doesn't work with PodPress

Trying to use WP2Static on a site with PodPress managing the podcast episodes. The export fails with the plugin activated but works fine when it's deactivated. The error log isn't giving a lot of information: 2018-12-09 06:32:04 STARTING EXPORT: STAT...

SupportG62019-01-01 07:45:18.613Z
How to update from 5.8 Premium to 6.x?

Hi, I had just bought the lifetime premium version of your plugin a couple of days ago (customer ID: 1585319) and installed version 5.8 of your plugin. Now that version 6.x is out, I wanted to update to the latest version, but inside of WordPress the...

SupportS22018-12-31 13:41:31.751Z
How to use HTTrack to make any website static (with link rewriting)

Sometimes, when the WP2Static plugin isn't able to be used in your situation, HTTrack can be a good alternative. A very mature application, with packages available for most operating systems and both GUI and CLI components, it's a really powerful too...

SupportBL152018-12-27 07:55:15.785Z
Fetched 0 of 0 pages/files

I tried to delete, reset. Today I have install a new version. The same message each time: [2018-12-24 12:46:45] Setting up [2018-12-24 12:46:45] Fetched 0 of 0 pages / files [2018-12-24 12:46:45] ZIP archive created: Click here to download [2018-12-2...

SupportG12018-12-24 14:01:14.092Z
Error when updating from 5.8 to 6.0

When I update through the WP dashboard, it tells me it was successfully updated, but when I click on the "Settings" link to go to the plugin, I get an error/blank page.

Support12018-12-23 08:02:41.018Z
How to install the latest preview of version 5.9 of WP2Static?

UPDATE: Version 6 is now ready for release and will soon be available from the official plugin page on WordPress.org. Please download from https://wordpress.org/plugins/static-html-output-plugin/

Support02018-12-22 21:22:27.556Z
Elementor - Export with Fonts

Hi everybody! I've just discovered this plugin and it's excellent and it works perfectly with Elementor. There is only one problem, I've got a single page site and the export works fine except that fonts file are missing from the export. Is there any...

SupportJ12018-12-20 07:44:25.651Z
Page Builder Support?

Hi... I've got a client who wants a static HTML site and I only dev in WordPress. For speed and efficiency, I tend to use page builder frameworks like Divi or Avada. Does this plugin work with those types of frameworks? Also - does this plugin work w...

SupportA22018-12-17 17:23:41.204Z
Switch to Github Deploy key with write access

Originally posted at https://github.com/leonstafford/wp2static/issues/184 I recommend you switch to deploy keys with write access ... as these can be established for a single repo. Personal access keys provide access to every repository ... It's not ...

Support12018-12-17 06:16:31.481Z
How to export when using Bedrock by roots.io?

What settings should be used? Due to the custom directory structure, this was not supported in versions up to 5.8, but is now possible.

Support12018-12-16 18:00:21.794Z
How to export a single page / landing page?

This is great for the use case of 1 WordPress installation and multiple landing pages, which you want to deploy to different domains. Basic recipe: create one parent page, with slug of say "parent" create all your landing pages under this when you're...

Support02018-12-13 02:02:31.584Z